Re-opening set for Last Mountain Co-op in Nokomis

The Last Mountain Co-op Board has sent a letter to the Town of Nokomis saying they anticipate re-opening to occur in early December after training new staff has occurred. The Town’s only gas and Agro centre suddenly closed on August 29th due to a lack of workers, and the Co-op board admits the hiring process took longer than expected.

“We recognize the hardship that the temporary closure has placed on the residents of Nokomis, Govan, Lockwood and the travelers and visitors within our communities. We wish to express that the Last Mountain Coop Board of Directors does not take for granted that members may have lost some level of trust with Last Mountain Coop in recent weeks. We ask for the community’s patience, understanding and support as the new staff of the Nokomis location learn their roles and responsibilities and work to earn your trust back as another valued member of the Nokomis and area business community.”

The letter was in response to a letter the Mayor of Nokomis on behalf of the Town council posted on social media. In the letter, the Town asked for a re-opening date, heavily critical of Co-op General Manager and the lengthy process to get the Agro centre re-opened. Board President Nettie Pearce said they asked the Mayor to take the letter down and asked for an apology because of how hard they were coming after the General Manager. She said Mark removed the letter and apologized.

The Town of Nokomis was not informed there had been any hiring progress. Mark said they otherwise would not have issued the letter. They had run out of patience, he said.

However, with a tentative date on re-opening, Mark is happy they are turning the page on this and are now looking forward. “Now that the doors are open, it’s the beginning of hopefully a new relationship. The improvements that we want to see happen there will only help the bottom line of that facility and ultimately the Co-op as a whole.”

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times