Opposition Calls for More Jobs

·2 min read

Recently, the Official Opposition Leader Rayan Meili spoke out about the Sask. Party’s lack of plans to help small businesses, the nearly 23000 more people in the workforce.

With the recent release of the Stats Canada figures on the unemployment rates showing there are 23000 fewer people employed at this time in Saskatchewan, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to step it up.

“This has been a hard year for everyone but there are 23,000 people who are facing the additional hardship and stress of being out of a job,” said Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili. “The Sask Party keeps trying to paint a rosy picture about our economy but these numbers tell the true story. Too many people are out of work and the numbers are getting worse. We need to see a real jobs plan from this government. There has to be real action.”

This comes days after the Saskatoon Merquie Downs (Saskatchewan’s one and only thoroughbred horse race track) closed officially ending an era of 50 years of thoroughbred horse racing in Saskatchewan.

Meili also referred to a recent decision to retract a grant sought by True North Renewable Fuels (TRNF) by the provincial government. TRNF had plans of building a biodiesel plant that would have employed 2500 construction workers and created 150 new jobs in Regina.

“There are so many people struggling to get by now. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine but people still don’t know if their job will be coming back,” said Aleana Young of the NDP. “We need a plan that helps small businesses rehire those they’ve had to lay off and we need support to help women get back in the workplace. They waited a full year into the pandemic to spend money from the fed government on child care. It shows their priorities just aren’t in the right place.”

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal