Orangeville business group launches new brand for downtown

Downtown Orangeville has a new brand.

It consists of those two words in a stylized font: downtown Orangeville with the lower-case d in downtown.

Toronto-based design firm Aubs and Mugg Inc. delivered the downtown’s new branding to the Orangeville Business Improvement Area Feb. 1.

Matt Aubie, the principal designer at Aubs and Mugg Inc., said the new brand communicates who and what downtown Orangeville is all about.

“When we talk about creating a place brand, it’s really about creating a brand that is a reflection of the people, the activities, and really the experience that you should anticipate when you’re in that place,” Aubie said.

The best means to experience that is to meet and speak with business owners, residents, and visitors, he said.

Downtown Orangeville has a sense of variety and a flexability.

“It’s able to adjust or change depending on the season, depending on the event, depending on the need for what’s being presented there,” he said. “The experiences are diverse.”

And the thing that unites all those qualities in the location is the enjoyments that’s able to be gotten downtown.

“It’s a delightful place to be,” he said.

Aubie said the new branding conveys a promise that the downtown core is Orangeville’s most delightful neighbourhood. To convey that, the area must celebrate its creativity, prioritize comfort, and live in the moment.

“The different elements of the brand come together in really playful, sort of surprising ways, really eclectic ways,” he said.

Mike Beattie, the OBIA’s chairperson, said the new brand will serve businesses well. It’s fresh and delightful but nostalgic and traditional.

“We can use it in so many different ways,” Beattie said.


James Matthews, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen