Orangeville hospital seeking new board members

Headwaters Health Care Centre is recruiting volunteers from the community to sit on its board of directors.

Each year, Headwaters Health Care Centre (HHCC) recruits new members for its board of directors as part of a mandate in the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and the public hospitals act.

Kim Delahunt, president and CEO of HHCC, said this is an opportunity for people in the community to give back and provide governance oversight for the hospital.

The nominations committee oversees the board recruitment process and works to ensure they get a range of people with various skills.

“There are certain skills that we know we need to have on the board to support some of our committees,” Delahunt said.

“We are always looking for individuals that have financial experience or backgrounds, because we have a finance and audit committee, we look for individuals that have had previous governance experience, and honestly individuals that want to ask us questions and hold us accountable for the quality of care that we provide at the hospital.”

Additional valuable skills HHCC is looking for are people with legal, management, strategic planning human resources or health sector experience.

Delahunt said while health sector experience isn't mandatory, they hope to have some candidates with that knowledge.

“The matrix isn't just based on skills, it is also based on geographic diversity, cultural diversity, language diversity, all types of diversity. We really want our board to reflect the communities in every which way that we serve,” Delahunt said.

“We want people that come to the hospital to see themselves at the hospital as well, and we have to reflect that on our board.”

HHCC supports members on the board of directors by providing an educational onboarding and orientation process, along with continuous learning opportunities.

“It's a wonderful group of community representatives that volunteer their time,” Delahunt said.

“It's a very collegial group who I think greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community and to support our amazing community hospital.”

On the board of directors website, current members have shared their stories, which can be read in their bios.

To apply to be on the board of directors, applicants need to send an email to HHCC and express their interest in the role. Applications are due March 29.

Rebecca Weston, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Banner