Orlando Jones Helps ‘Sharknado’ Star Ian Ziering Renew His Vows at Comic-Con

Adam Lance Garcia
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

San Diego Comic-Con is where fans converge to celebrate their lifelong commitment to comics, movies, television series, and of course, the institution of marriage.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, SYFY set up its very own Geek Love Chapel in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District where fans could become their own Lord and Lady of the Wedding Rings.

Orlando Jones (American Gods) officiated the ceremonies, which included two marriages and vow renewals for six couples, including Sharknado star Ian Ziering and his wife, Erin Ludwig.

‘Snarknado’ star Ian Ziering and his wife, Erin Ludwig renewed their vows at Comic-Con (Credit: Yahoo)

“My wife, who is a hopeless romantic, passed by this booth and said, ‘Come on, let’s go renew our vows,’” Ziering explains.

“I marry this man every chance I get,” Ludwig says.

But why would someone get married at Comic-Con?

“Comic-Con has always been a big thing for us,” says newlywed Ronrika Kelly. “One of our first goals as a couple was to go to a Comic-Con together.”

Rev. Orlando Jones officiates a wedding at Comic-con (Credit: Yahoo)

“I think Comic-Con is about love,” says Jones, who refers to himself as “Reverend.” “You love this movie, this comic book character, this bad guy. Whatever it is you love, this is the place you can come celebrate it. I think that space also breeds a lot of people who also find that love of similar things, and next thing you know, people are getting married.”

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