Orphaned ducklings happily play in the water at foster home

These ducklings lost their mother when she was struck by a car as they crossed a busy road. The motorist stopped, horrified by what had happened, and other people who were passing came to help. One of them knew that a woman in the area would help creatures of all kinds. They caught the frantic babies and put them in a box. One of kind souls drove them to Waggin' Tails pet retreat in Millbrook, Ontario. The owner, Lucy, has a good friend who is a veterinarian. She would care for these beautiful little orphans long enough to get them to a rehabilitation center. The ducks were soon at the vet's home, enjoying some free time on her little pond and in her wading pool. The ducks quickly started eating algae and other plants in the pond. They even began to play and dive, having a great time being free in the sunshine. They spent the day here while calls were made, and a ride was arranged to get them to Sandy Pines sanctuary. These ducklings are as soft and fluffy as they look. They are only a few days old, and they don't even have their feathers yet. They will eventually grow flight feathers that will replace the soft down that covers them now. They will also grow rapidly in the coming days. At the rehab center, human contact will be carefully limited, and all efforts will be made to help the ducklings learn the skills needed to fend for themselves in the wild. They will also be in the company of other ducks, which is important for socialization and learning how to thrive as wild animals. Although the loss of their mother was a tragic and heartbreaking situation, we are fortunate to have so many people who will come to the rescue and care for helpless animals such as these. And watching them play happily in the sunshine is a truly heartwarming experience.

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