Oscars 2018: Live Updates From The 90th Academy Awards Ceremony

Oscars 2018: Live Updates From The 90th Academy Awards Ceremony

TheOscars came and went, and with them, a newBest Picturewas born: Guillermo del Toro’s “A Shape of Water,” a movie about a woman whofalls in love withhas sex with a fish man, is the follow-up to last year’s “Moonlight.”

What else happened?

Oh, the things you’d expect.Frances McDormand won Best Actress. Gary Oldman,ahem, won Best Actor. Jimmy Kimmel put on a brave face and made jokes aboutproblematic men in Hollywood. Tiffany Haddish materialized onto the stages of ourheartsinthatwhite dressagain. There weremontages.

Some surprising moments were had, too.Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”won Best Original Screenplay, whileJames Ivory’s “Call Me by Your Name”nabbed Best Adapted. (Hey, Academy, you apparently weren’tall wrong.) Twitter wondered whether or not to create a hashtag for #InclusionWriter or#InclusionRider. Loads of otherwise boringly suited menswaddled themselves in velvet. Sufjan Stevens and Kobe Bryant were there.

Dying to know more? Great.

A select (read: available) group of HuffPost writers and editors live-blogged the ceremony, paying especially close attention to the prospect of a “What Women Want” reboot. Priscilla Frank, our very own arts and culture reporter, provided crucial drawings, too. Enjoy.

Read live updates below:


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