Osprey get a new home at Coventry Park

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They always had the best seat in the house for watching a slo-pitch game at Coventry Park in Tottenham – up high and right behind right field at dia-mond number 1.

For several years, an osprey nest was on top of the light pole in right field and every spring slo-pitch players could see the birds peering out from over the nest.

Unfortunately for the osprey, their bird condo was interfering with plans to put new lights up in the park.New lights were installed at the park in August to illuminate the second diamond.

The plan called for a bank of lights to be placed on the pole where the osprey nest was to illuminate left field on diamond number two.

The company installing the new lights did a great job of getting everything in place; however, since osprey are protected birds, they couldn’t touch the nest until they received an okay from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The Ministry put a timeline on the project so they could determine work wouldn’t disturb any fledglings or eggs in the nest.

Once determined that the young birds had vacated the nest, the removal of the nest was within the rules and regulations of the Province’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

Osprey tend to return to the regular nesting place each year.

A new nesting pole has now been installed at the park at the end of centre field.

It is located high enough that there is no chance of a fly ball dropping into the nest.

The new nest even includes some fancy man-made perches that will give the birds a good place to sit and watch the games next season.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times