Ottawa celebrates spring's arrival after snowy winter

Feel that?

That's vitamin D returning to your body as winter waves goodbye and spring sunshine smiles down on Ottawa — at least until Tuesday.

It's been a winter of wild weather and fluctuating temperatures. 

Since Oct. 1, approximately 277 cm of snow has fallen, according to totals recorded at the Ottawa International Airport. 

Winter has its perks, and there's still snow on the ground for skiers, snowboarders and cold weather enthusiasts.

But on a day when there's a forecast high of 6 C, there's nothing quite like going out for a lunchtime stroll without your hat.

Or mitts.

Or balaclava.

Or long johns.

Winter may spring briefly back into the picture on Tuesday. There's a chance of flurries and the temperature is expected to fall to –17 C Tuesday night.

In the meantime, here's a how some people in Ottawa welcomed the spring equinox:

A sunny start to the season

Catching some rays

Mid melt

Budding brains