Ottawa cottage owners cut off from Kathleen Wynne's hydro bill slash

Ottawa cottage owners cut off from Kathleen Wynne's hydro bill slash

Ottawa residents who own cottages say they're frustrated they won't fully benefit from hydro rate cuts announced by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne late last week.

At Sunday's Ottawa Cottage and Backyard Show at the EY Centre, owners said they're fed up with the delivery charges they pay during the months they don't use their second dwellings.

Residential and small business hydro bills will drop by 17 per cent on average this summer under the new Liberal plan, but it won't affect the fixed portion of the delivery charge.

Kevin Lawlor, who owns a cottage at Bob's Lake southwest of Perth, said his delivery rates are more than the hydro itself.

"We maybe use $50 a month in hydro but we're paying a $100 delivery charge ... It's all smoke and mirrors. They're trying to appease the public to get votes so that they don't get kicked out in the next election," he said.

'It should apply to everyone'

Claude Wistaff, who owns a cottage near Calabogie, is relying on generators and candles instead of connecting to hydro to avoid the rates.

"I'm off the grid. I'm actually delaying my connection until there's some changes to the hydro situation," he said.

Seasonal dwellers are also cut off from the rural or remote rate protection program, which offers an extra $60 off the delivery line for some rural residents.

Tracy Card said he loves his cottage in Ardoch too much to think about selling, but he was hoping for some relief.

"It should apply to everyone. Or at least, if it doesn't apply to everyone it should affect everybody in a positive way," he said.

"Give me something."