Liberals move to speed up gun-bill debate, Conservatives call move undemocratic

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OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are moving to ensure gun-control legislation makes its way through committee soon by asking the House of Commons for the green light to limit debate and expand the bill's scope to cover new elements.

The move comes as the Liberals announce renewal of their multimillion-dollar program to fight gang violence and gun crime.

A federal motion being debated in the Commons today would ensure recent amendments to the bill are within the scope of the legislation, including a definition of assault-style firearms to be prohibited.

The motion would also limit the time devoted to consideration of each clause or amendment, and ensure additional committee time during the evening to scrutinize the bill.

Conservative public safety critic Raquel Dancho calls the Liberal move a circumvention of the democratic process.

Meanwhile, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says the government is earmarking $390 million over the next five years for provinces and territories, including support for police and crime prevention programs.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 8, 2023.

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