Ottawa-Gatineau traffic updates for July 23

Ottawa-Gatineau traffic updates for July 23

Good morning commuters!

I guess these are the dog days of summer traffic in Ottawa.

As such, I'm expecting light volumes, but plenty of construction slow-downs.

And hopefully no more moose.

A two-block section of Beechwood Avenue is still closed east of the Vanier Parkway.

Market mixups

Last week I vented about the parking along the west side of Kent Street between Sparks and Wellington streets and how it shouldn't happen, or at least be better enforced. 

I asked you to share your similar grievances.

You have.

Scott writes...

"I have two gripes about downtown turning corners I deal with each morning and afternoon.

Cumberland Street at Murray Street — I turn east onto Murray from the left Cumberland southbound lane.

There are two lanes on Murray here. Virtually every driver on Cumberland, in the right lane, heading north thinks they are allowed to turn across the first lane of traffic and into the far lane, from their perspective.

Well, that's my lane, and incidentally an illegal turn for them.

Never stops people honking and yelling at me several times a week.

Waller Street at Besserer Street — I head toward the ByWard Market and turn east on Besserer from the left of the two lines that allows this.

This is one of those intersections where the turning lane assignments are marked through the turn, so everyone is spoon-fed the correct lane to turn into.

Well, I follow the lines and turn properly, but that's not good enough. Again, honked at several times a week for this.

One especially nice biker just this morning gave me a special wave after he attempted to switch lanes, into mine, during the turn.

You can't blame the car for not looking out for motorcycles on this one, but he sure tried."

I have more.

Send yours to

Have a great day!

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