Quebec's aluminum industry shaken despite temporary relief from Trump's tariffs

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    I'm sorry, but nothing this guy can say will help make me believe him. Sad to see what 'our' govt has become.
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    Relax everyone. No need to worry, the Liberals are on top of everything. Trudeau is actually a genius playing everyone like a fool. Everything is under control.
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    TRUMP trumps Obama
    why is there a pic of an Indian guy? we're talking Canada here... right?
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    The Codfather
    he never worked a day in his life. baby hands.
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    Go ahead Jihadtin Truedope, keep on bashing Trump and force the American people to think there are more than two genders, it's going to help our economy. Bringing in all those poorly vetted Islamic Muslims must be a delight to the Americans also.
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    Good God Next week, "peoplekind" soyboy will tour regions of Canada......... in a show of solidarity for ....... WHAT ??? STOP WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY ON ur B00LSHYT !!! What a CLOWN !!!!