Ottawa weather forecast calls for 30 mm of rain today

Grab the umbrella, raincoat and rubber boots as rain should continue all day and night, along with some strong wind, as we expect up to 30 millimetres in the capital by tomorrow morning.

Tuesday's forecast calls for 10 to 20 mm of rain through the day along with an east wind gusting from 30 to 50 kilometres per hour. The high will be a wet, windy 9 C.

Tonight should bring periods of rain that add up to between five and 10 mm, along with a southeast wind gusting from 20 to 40 km/h. The low will be about 4 C.

Rain should end Wednesday morning, but clouds will remain. A northwest wind of 20 km/h should also gust in the morning as the high reaches 10 C.

Rain could return Thursday and Friday as the highs sit around 5 C.

Looking ahead to the weekend, it's amazing so far with two sunny days and highs in the teens. Let's all hope.