Ottawa weather forecast calls for another sunny day

Golden weekend weather coming to Toronto

Monday morning is a tad chilly, but don't worry, we get sunny and hot this week in the capital. We mean scorching hot.

Monday's forecast calls for skies to clear in the morning with a north wind at 20 kilometres per hour as the high reaches 11 C.

The UV index is at six (high), which means sunscreen is key if you're outside for extended periods.

We are so happy to write about sunscreen again.

Moving on, tonight should remain clear with an east wind at 20 km/h as the low drops to 1 C.

Tuesday should start sunny but become increasingly cloudy with a 60 per cent chance of showers in the afternoon. There's also an east wind at 20 km/h as the high hits 13 C.

Wednesday cues a jump in temperature as the high reaches 17 C, but with a cloudy sky and a 30 per cent chance of showers.

Thursday is when the heat hits the capital. That's also when round two begins for the Ottawa Senators as they host the New York Rangers.

Thursday's high is 26 C with a mix of sun and cloud. Friday is very similar with a high of 25 C.

Saturday's matinee game (3 p.m. ET) currently calls for a high of 21 C with a mix of sun and cloud.