Ottawa woman pleads guilty to manslaughter in Little Italy stabbing

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Nichole Hover pleaded guilty to manslaughter on July 2, 2021. (Facebook - image credit)
Nichole Hover pleaded guilty to manslaughter on July 2, 2021. (Facebook - image credit)

An Ottawa woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for stabbing a man after he refused to pay her for a sexual act, punched her, and pushed her to the ground.

Nichole Hover was originally charged with second-degree murder in the 2019 homicide of 62-year-old construction worker Brian Blondin. Last week, she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

According to the facts of the plea, read out in court by prosecutor Juliana Martel, Hover and Blondin were acquaintances.

On occasion, Blondin would pay Hover for sexual acts. Hover, according to the facts, was addicted to crack cocaine and would perform the acts to support her addiction.

Arbor Memorial
Arbor Memorial

On Halloween night 2019, Hover went to Blondin's apartment on Sidney Street in Little Italy to perform oral sex.

"She proceeded to do so, for an hour," according to the facts of the plea.

"Mr. Blondin did not climax and as a result refused to pay Ms. Hover."

Blondin had refused to pay before, too, but this time an argument broke out — verbal at first, then physical.

"Mr. Blondin proceeded to punch the accused in the face and on her arms, and also pushed her violently to the ground while making several derogatory comments about her," according to the plea.

Police would later find the living room in shambles, with shattered objects strewn about.

Killer went back to scene to clean up

Court heard that Hover went to the kitchen to get a knife and then stabbed Blondin twice in the chest. She helped the man to his bed, where he later died.

Hover left the apartment but returned hours later to clean up the scene. She wiped up blood from the floor and got rid of the blood-soaked bed sheets and knife.

Hover later called her father and told him she had killed someone, court heard.

The next day she turned herself in to police and confessed. At the time, police saw large bruises on her body.

Homicide detectives then went to Blondin's apartment and found him dead.

Before his death, Blondin was working construction for Claridge Homes, helping to build a retirement home in Orléans.


Lengthy criminal record

Hover has a lengthy criminal record, which includes convictions for assault and assault with a weapon that date back to 2010.

She was also convicted of resisting arrest, theft, and mischief to property and criminal harassment.

Hover, who was represented by criminal defence lawyer Robert McGowan, was sentenced by Superior Court Justice Julianne Parfett to six years and nine months in prison.

With credit for pre-sentence custody, she has four years and three months left to serve.

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