Ottawa's top trending stories of 2019

Ottawa's top trending stories of 2019

You won't be surprised to read that Ottawa's transit woes has captured our attention — and motivated us to hit the share button — for the past four months.

But before the stinky Parliament station, the door faults, and the high number of bus cancellations, there were several other stories that grabbed our attention throughout 2019.

1. 'Drunk' raccoons

As the kids went back to school and just before the city welcomed the LRT, residents in Stittsville spotted raccoons passed out due to eating fermented fruit.

An expert tip if you ever see a stumbling raccoon: "Don't try to give them coffee and get them sobered up, just let them go their course." 

2. Ottawa's transit troubles

A new era in Ottawa transit began in September 2019 as the Confederation Line launched running east to west through the downtown core.

It did not take long for this new era of transit to show some cracks.

When OC Transpo removed buses from the downtown, demand for the LRT spiked and delays created havoc for many transit users due to technical issues.

3. Spring flooding hits Ottawa-Gatineau, again

Just two years after the worst flooding in a century, our region set another record for spring flooding.

Similar scenes were found across Ottawa and Gatineau as families escaped their waterfront homes to safety.

Even the Chaudière Bridge was closed due to high water levels along the Ottawa River.

4. Plane lands safely after bird strike

An Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Ottawa was pretty uneventful until its descent to the Ottawa airport.

The plane was hit a flock of birds, which caused an engine failure.

The pilot managed to land the plane safely and no passengers were injured. You can hear the pilot's mayday call where he says calmly:

"We hit a flock of birds. We have had an engine failure ... [the plane has] 178 souls on board." 

6. The all-Canadian snow tow

In March 2019, two Good Samaritans were captured helping a transport truck that was stuck in the snow in central Ottawa.

Two truck drivers worked their way up a hill towing the logging truck on Booth Street.

The effort took two tries, but was a success in the end.

7. Tornado hits Orléans

While extreme flooding has become much more common in the spring over the past few years, tornadoes have also become more common during the summer and fall.

In June 2019, several people in Orléans rushed to safety as a tornado was tracked moving from Gatineau down the Ottawa River and into the east Ottawa suburb.

One person suffered minor injuries, but otherwise damage was limited to homes, vehicles and trees.