Ouch! Painful injuries send 'Deadliest Catch' boat back to port

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Deadliest Catch, the crew of the Cornelia Marie had a run of bad luck. Deckhand Johnny Mavar got his hand slapped by a high-tension line, while Taylor the greenhorn was left with a severely injured knee.

While Johnny was attempting to put a hook on a line by the block, the rope went slack and then whipped him in the hand. The deckhand kept working, but it was later revealed his hand had swollen to the point that he could barely move his index finger.

Taylor’s injury appeared to be fairly innocuous. He simply banged his knee on a pipe while walking around it. He managed to work through the pain but as the swelling increased, he wasn’t able to put weight on it.

Between Johnny’s hand and Taylor’s knee, captain Casey McManus thought it best to stack the pots and steam back to port for medical attention. Returning to port without a full quota of crabs would cost the boat thousands of dollars.

McManus said, “That’s one thing about being a captain and a boat owner. You don’t ever want anybody to get hurt trying to make everybody money.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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