Ousted George Santos Plots Revenge Against Ex-House Colleagues In Online Tear

Now-former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) was expelled from Congress on Friday, but he didn’t take the night off.

Instead, the disgraced Republican ― who was kicked out of the House after a committee alleged that he spent campaign funds on Botox and other personal expenses, which Santos has called a “politicized smear” ― kicked off the weekend by threatening to file ethics complaints against a few of the 311 members who voted to oust him.

Rep. George Santos on Friday, the day he was expelled from Congress.
Rep. George Santos on Friday, the day he was expelled from Congress.

Rep. George Santos on Friday, the day he was expelled from Congress.

The fallen congressman, ax to grind firmly in hand, lobbed accusations at New York GOP Reps. Nicole Malliotakis, Nick LaLota and Mike Lawler, as well as against New Jersey Democratic Rep. Rob Menendez.

On X, nee Twitter, the infamously untruthful Santos claimed that come Monday, he would be filing complaints to the Office of Congressional Ethics against all four.

He accused LaLota of being a “no-show” during a stint working at a local board of elections while he was going to law school. A LaLota spokesperson fired back, telling The Hill that “George is just mad the congressman has three actual degrees, while he lied about one.”

Santos characterized Lawler as having “questionable campaign finance violations,” saying that a political firm Lawler co-founded has been paying for “services related to his campaign.” Last year, City & State New York reported that Lawler’s election campaigns had paid his own firm thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

At the time, a Lawler spokesperson told the news outlet that he didn’t enrich himself off his campaigns and that he had cleared everything with lawyers. In response to the new accusations by Santos, a spokesperson simply told the New York Post that it was a “badge of honor” to be “attacked by a serial liar and con man like George Santos.”

Santos accused Malliotakis, who has previously come under fire for buying stocks following private conversations with bank regulators, of “questionable” trading. A Malliotakis spokesperson told the Post, “We don’t respond to expelled George Santos because he is a scorned and known serial liar.”

Finally, Santos said Menendez should be investigated in connection to his father, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez — who stands accused of bribery and acting as a foreign agent for Egypt, which he has denied. A spokesperson told The Hill that the younger Menendez will “not expend any energy responding” to Santos’ “Botox-fueled fits of rage.”