Outpouring of support for daughters of a P.E.I. paramedic who died in a weekend collision

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One of the many photos Annie MacPhee uploaded to her Facebook page over the years with the caption
One of the many photos Annie MacPhee uploaded to her Facebook page over the years with the caption

The daughters of an Island woman who was killed in a weekend collision say they are heartbroken, but grateful for the support they're receiving from people across P.E.I.

Noelle and Tiffany MacPhee say the past few days have come with a mix of shock and overwhelming grief, and losing their mother so suddenly is something they never could have imagined.

Annie MacPhee, 52, died in a car accident Saturday morning in Summerville, when her vehicle collided head-on with a septic tank truck.

RCMP are continuing to investigate the crash.

MacPhee was an advanced care paramedic for more than 30 years on the Island, and was on her way to work an extra shift when the accident happened.

Brittany Spencer/CBC
Brittany Spencer/CBC

"She was a great many things to so many people," Tiffany MacPhee said.

"She loved paramedicine, she worked so hard and as if that wasn't enough she became a firefighter … I couldn't even think to list all the jobs she volunteered for," Noelle MacPhee added.

'A legend in EMS'

MacPhee also trained new paramedics at Holland College, where she met and mentored people from across the country, Tiffany said.

The Crapaud Volunteer Fire Department, where MacPhee had served since 2007, also posted a Facebook tribute.


"She has brought so much wisdom, humour, fierce loyalty, and knowledge to our department ... She was not only a firefighter, but one of the toughest. She was a teacher, who passed along her knowledge to her coworkers and fellow firefighters."

MacPhee also served as vice-president of the paramedics union, working side-by-side with president Jason Woodbury for years.


"I consider her as a legend in EMS," said Woodbury.

He said he was there when she recently received a medal from the lieutenant-governor for her decades of service.

Woodbury said a regimental funeral is being planned that will be open to paramedics, firefighters and other first responders from across P.E.I. and the country.

Submitted by Noelle MacPhee
Submitted by Noelle MacPhee

"If you knew Annie, you knew her big personality was matched by an even bigger heart," Island EMS said in a message posted on its Facebook page Monday afternoon.

"We are grateful for Annie's incredible contributions to Prince Edward Island and the EMS community that will stick with us for the rest of our lives."

'Our mom made such a difference'

Her daughters say their mother was their family's rock, especially when their father Blaine MacPhee died just three months ago after a short battle with stomach cancer. They said their mother's strength is something they will never forget.

"Our mom made such a difference," Noelle said. "We're so lucky."

The sisters said they have been surrounded by family, friends and members of the paramedic community, and the support has helped them to keep moving forward.

Tiffany said while their time with their mother has been cut short, they're grateful for the time they had together and her mom's lessons will get them through this difficult time.

"She didn't teach us any other way but to get through, so that's what we'll do," Tiffany said.

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