Over 18,000 Russian soldiers desert as morale plummets - Ukrainian intelligence

Russian soldiers flee from the army, Ukrainian intel says
Russian soldiers flee from the army, Ukrainian intel says

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) has reported a significant increase in desertions within the Russian army, with more than 18,000 soldiers leaving their posts in the southern military district, according to a statement made on Telegram on April 29.

The 8th Combined Arms Army, actively engaged in eastern Ukraine, has seen about 12,000 deserters, comprised of approximately 10,000 conscripts and 2,000 contract soldiers. Additionally, around 2,500 soldiers have deserted from the 58th Combined Arms Army, also part of the southern district.

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British intelligence previously stated that the high level of desertion demonstrates the poor morale of the Russian army and its reluctance to fight. This is due to the lack of training and motivation faced by Russian troops along the entire front line.

Russia's 2024 conscription efforts intensify under new rules

Following the presidential directives, Russia announced its spring conscription on April 1, set to run until July 15, involving new age regulations that will see young individuals aged 18 to 30 being enlisted. The U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War noted that approximately 150,000 conscripts are expected to join the Russian military during this period. This move could represent an effort by Moscow to covertly expand its conscription amidst the ongoing draft.

Further, after recent "elections" in Russia, there are expectations of more overt conscription efforts. Ukrainian military intelligence hinted that the Southern Defense Forces anticipate intensified recruitment activities in the territories Russia currently occupies, following data collection during these elections.

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On March 30, British intelligence revealed that Russia is conscripting about 30,000 new soldiers monthly for the conflict against Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on April 3, disclosed that Russia plans to initiate an additional conscription of 300,000 individuals by June 1, 2024, escalating its manpower for the ongoing war efforts.

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