Over 260,000 Ukrainians swiftly update military data via Reserve+ app

Reserve+ mobile application
Reserve+ mobile application

As of today, 260,000 Ukrainians have updated their data for draft offices in Reserve+ mobile application, said Dmytro Lazutkin, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on May 20.

Lazutkin highlighted the immediate impact of the app, which was launched just two days ago, on May 18. "If we talk about the Reserve+ app, a service that was launched on May 18 and immediately caused a stir, about 260,000 Ukrainians have updated their data," he stated.

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He noted that the app has been used 80 times more frequently for updating personal information than Administrative Services Centers. However, there is no complete data yet on how many people have visited local draft offices to update their information, as "the process is ongoing."

Lazutkin added that a total of 600,000 individuals eligible for military service, both within Ukraine and abroad, have logged into the app.

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Mobilization bill in Ukraine

A new mobilization bill came into force in Ukraine on May 18. It requires men aged 18-60 to update their military registration data within 60 days - by July 16. The documents of persons liable for military service who have updated their data will have VIN codes (barcodes) pasted into them.

You can update your data in your e-cabinet, in the Reserve+ mobile application, directly in the Administrative Services Centers or draft offices.

This bill also stipulates obligation to carry military registration documents at all times, provides for new rules for serving summonses, reservations, restrictions for evaders, and more.

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