Over 50 new pieces of art on display for Headwaters Arts’ latest exhibition

When an artist is in the process of creating, their narrative can sometimes take a turn.

This is the idea behind Headwaters Arts’ latest exhibition, “As the Story Goes”. It features well over 50 pieces of art created by 27 different artists who are members of the local non-profit.

Susan Powell, Communications Director for the Headwaters Arts board, said this exhibition captures “the fearless artist at work.”

Powell said the pieces on display show how artists dive right into the creative unknown, pushing themselves to be more creative and explore a narrative that’s waiting to emerge.

Headwaters Arts often has a diversity of media in its exhibitions, and its latest one is no exception. There’s works of art made with oil, watercolour and acrylic paint; pastels; textiles; mixed media; fine art photography and more.

Liliana Davila, who is from Mississauga, has a piece on display at the exhibition called “See me Smile”. She said her art is inspired by the colours that surround her and how they come to life.

“Life is meant to be lived, engaging with everything that exudes love,” said Davila. “I am always amazed at nature, and the universe we live in.”

An opening reception for the exhibition was held at the Alton Mill Arts Centre on August 12, and “As the Story Goes” can be viewed at the Headwaters Arts gallery until September 10.

Zachary Roman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Caledon Citizen