Over 67,000 women serve in Ukrainian military

A servicewoman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
A servicewoman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Deputy Defense Minister Natalia Kalmykova reported that over 67,000 women are now serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with 19,000 in civilian roles and the remainder as military personnel. She discussed these figures during a Small Talk interview published on June 8.

Since 2014, the number of women in the Ukrainian military has been on the rise, a trend that has notably accelerated since February 24, 2022. Kalmykova highlighted that this increase comes even though Ukraine does not enforce mandatory conscription for women.

"Currently, we have more than 67,000 women in the Armed Forces, of which 19,000 are civilian employees and all others are military personnel," Kalmykova stated.

She also noted a shift in the roles women are choosing within the military, with many now taking on positions traditionally not considered female-oriented. "Women want to shoot, operate artillery systems, drones, and more," she said.

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However, Kalmykova acknowledged ongoing challenges with career advancement for women in the military, noting that efforts are underway to improve this. "Unfortunately, we still have a problem with women's promotion, and we are now looking for ways to regulate this so that women who want to build a career in the Ukrainian Armed Forces have this opportunity," said the Deputy Defense Minister.

Women's military registration — who is eligible

Military registration applies only to those women who have received education in the specialties specified in Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine On Military Duty and Military Service. According to this provision, women who:

  • are fit for military service for health and age reasons and have graduated from vocational (vocational-technical),

  • professional higher or higher education institutions and obtained a medical or pharmaceutical specialty, and are subject to military registration as persons liable for military service

  • have a specialty and/or profession related to the relevant military specialty specified in the list approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and are fit for military service for health reasons and age, except as specified in paragraph one of this part, are registered for military service at their request.

The military registration of women doctors applies to:

  • female students who are in the last year of their studies0 in the specified specialties

  • employees of state bodies, local self-government bodies, and enterprises who have received education in these specialties

  • unemployed persons who have obtained a relevant specialty. They should register themselves.

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