Over/Under Week 16 - Ronald Jones

Will the Tampa Bay RB go over/under 99.5 total yards in week 16?

Video Transcript

- First, over-under we're gonna talk about, Ronald Jones. When has he ever let you down? It's never happened, literally, never, ever happened.


- He's gonna be filling in for Leonard Fournette this week. He's, obviously, injured. We're gonna set an aggressive number here at 99 and a half total yards.

Listen. Jones hit this total five times last season when he had the primary role. Bucs-- he's averaged 5 yards per carry over the last two years. Fournette, himself, had been hitting this number routinely. Jones, obviously, not the most gifted receiver out there, but I think he can still get there.

Carolina is the opponent today. They're only mid-pack against the run. No Evans, no Godwin. It sets up really well for Jones.

When things set up well for Jones, he doesn't always come through. But I think he will this week.

I am taking the over. Matt, do you agree?

- Yeah, I'm gonna take the over as well. We saw Ronald Jones without Leonard Fournette in four games last year-- averaged almost 20 carries. Ran for over 100 yards on average. And, most importantly-- like you mentioned-- not the best, like, receiver in the world, but still averaged three catches per game in those contests, because, you know, listen.

When you play with Tom Brady, even if you're not out there on the passing downs, if you're in the backfield, you're gonna get a few dump offs here and there. I mean, look at Leonard Fournette, not-- never a guy we thought was a pass-catcher, at all. This year, he,like, is the most productive receiving back in the league, unbelievably.

So, yeah. I do think we're, like-- like you said. Everybody's gone through their Ronald-Jones phase, just like everybody's gone through, like, around my era, you know, you're, like, "screamo" phase, or whatever. We all had that in middle school. We can admit it.

We can all admit we've stand for Ronald Jones here and there. We're gonna do it one more time to end the season.

- Liz, do we have a sweep?

- Well you guys both mentioned how productive Jones was with Fournette out of the lineup. So I don't need to reiterate that. I also wanna say, in terms of his ability as a pass catcher, he ain't worse than Ke'Shawn Vaughn, right. Like, eh, that's saying something.


- And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 10-point favorites over the Panthers, so you have to imagine a good amount of volume here. He's a top-10 play for me in week 16. And I, too, am going over.


- Oh, you love to see widespread agreement in the truest holiday spirit. OK, we're gonna have more over-unders later in the show. Right now, let's send it to Tank for a little [INAUDIBLE].

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