Overnight missile attack destroys Russian air defense and jets in occupied Crimea

Explosions near Belbek airfield, May 15
Explosions near Belbek airfield, May 15

A Russian S-400 air defense system and two MiG-31 fighter jets were destroyed, and a fuel depot was set ablaze in an evening attack on the Belbek military airfield in Sevastopol, temporarily occupied Crimea, according to the Russian Telegram channel ASTRA on May 16.

Eleven Russian soldiers were injured in the attack.

Later that morning, a missile struck the S-400 Triumph air defense system near the village of Vyshneve, causing a fire. Two Russians were killed and two others injured in this attack.

Earlier, the pro-Ukrainian resistance movement Atesh reported that the main artillery depot at the Belbek airfield had been damaged.

On the night of May 15, Russian sources and local social media accounts reported alleged Ukrainian missile strikes on Russian airfields in occupied Crimea, with a series of powerful explosions heard around 11 p.m. EET in Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, and Simferopol.

Approximately six explosions were reportedly heard near the Belbek airfield in the Sevastopol area.

Residents of Hvardiiske, home to another military airfield, also reported hearing loud explosions.

Russian propaganda outlets accused Ukraine of attacking Crimea with ATACMS ballistic missiles, claiming that their air defenses intercepted the missiles.

On May 15, the military portal Defence Express reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces might have targeted Russian MiG-31 fighter jets during the ATACMS missile attack on the Belbek airfield.

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