'Overpowered': Victim tried to get away from gang attack before he was fatally stabbed, says Crown

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Karson Goodeagle, 33, was fatally stabbed in January 2020. Three men are on trial for murder. (thomsfuneralhome.com - image credit)
Karson Goodeagle, 33, was fatally stabbed in January 2020. Three men are on trial for murder. (thomsfuneralhome.com - image credit)

The violent killing of Karson Goodeagle was a 'hit' carried out by four men who overpowered the victim before fatally stabbing him, said the prosecutor on Day 1 of the accused killers' first-degree murder trial.

Karson Goodeagle, 33, was found "alive but bleeding," said prosecutor Scott Wilson in his opening statement to Court of Queen's Bench Justice Suzanne Bensler.

Dwayne Iyn Turner, 54, Tyrell Noskiye, 32, and Yahye Gabad, 25, are on trial for first-degree murder. A fourth man, Timothy Jones, was also charged but died earlier this year.

On Jan. 5, 2020, first-responders found Goodeagle injured in the middle of 11th Avenue near Centre Street South.

The victim was taken to hospital but died of his injuries.

Goodeagle 'overpowered' by group

Security camera video from neighbouring businesses shows Goodeagle being attacked in the parking lot of a Circle K convenience store by four people.

Goodeagle tried to get away but he was "overpowered," said Wilson, who described the victim being pushed, punched, kicked and stabbed.

A witness to the homicide will testify that two of the killers called for two others to come to the front of the store to deliver a "hit" on Goodeagle, said Wilson.

The prosecutor said he and co-counsel Ken McCaffrey will argue the killing was planned, deliberate and that Goodeagle was forcibly confined at the time of the attack, making the crime first-degree murder.

Dr. Bernard Bannach, the Crown's first witness, testified the victim died from stab wounds, one of which penetrated his liver and cut a major vein.

Goodeagle also suffered blunt force injuries to his head, shoulder, hands and knees.

Defence lawyers Clayton Rice, Rebecca Snukal and Shaun Leochko are representing the accused.

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