Overweight dog sheds 35 kg working out

After shedding half its weight and sticking to a workout regime, a dog in Windsor, Ont., would make fitness guru Richard Simmons proud.

Sam, a six-year-old lab, arrived at the Humane Society in January, overweight.

He weighed 79 kilograms — or 174 pounds. A lack of exercise and overfeeding led to what the society called "an incredible weight gain."

Sam had difficulty walking more than very short distances and running was impossible for the canine.

A vet determined that there wasn’t any medical reason for his condition, so Sam's weight-loss journey began.

He was sent to a foster home where he started on an exercise program and special food.

When he arrived in the foster home he was too large to follow the other dogs out the doggie door, but as the pounds melted away he happily began following them in and out.

He also regularly swam at the Essex Animal Hospital rehabilitation centre and in warmer weather enjoyed the in-ground pool at his foster home. Regular walks once again became the highlight of Sam’s day.

Today, Sam weighs 44 kilograms — or 96 pounds. He is now an active dog that runs and plays with other dogs.

He is now ready for full adoption.

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