'Overwhelming response' from community after theft at Carmichael Outreach in Regina

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Bettyann Cox, CEO of Carmichael Outreach, said she's ecstatic with the response from the community.  (Bettyann Cox - image credit)
Bettyann Cox, CEO of Carmichael Outreach, said she's ecstatic with the response from the community. (Bettyann Cox - image credit)

A Regina non-proft has received a swell of community support after a break-in on the weekend.

"I think the light in all of this is the overwhelming response we are getting from the community," said Bettyann Cox, the CEO of Carmichael Outreach.

The Regina-based non-profit helps people experiencing poverty and homelessness. On Friday night, someone broke into the building and stole cheques made out to the charity that were yet to be cashed, $400 in Co-op gift cards, $300 in other gift cards, two laptops and a credit card.

No one was in the building at that time and there were no injuries.

Carmichael found out about the thefts when a staff member walked into an office and noticed items were out of place and the safe was missing.

Security camera footage later showed that someone had broken into the building, used an alarm code and also had a master key. Cox said they didn't recognize who that person was and that the thief was in and out of the building in 10 minutes.

Cox said Carmichael is still in the process of reaching out to donors who wrote out checks and seeing if some of the money can be reissued.

The organization posted on Facebook and Twitter about the theft. Cox said that donations have been pouring in.

Carmichael has received roughly $26,000 in donations since the break in, with more money still coming in.

"It really hits home that community is a strong value for Saskatchewan people, and that when there are times of need, we all step up and help out where we can," said Aurora Marinari, a development co-ordinator with the charity.

Local business Graham's Tires donated $10,000. A Carmichael staff member was visiting a Graham's locations to get winter tires. When the owner found out the person worked at Carmichael, he handed over a $10,000 cheque.

An anonymous person donated $14,000 yesterday through the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation. Play92, a radio station in Regina, said employees would camp outside Victoria Square Shopping Centre until they raise $10,000 for Carmichael.

Cox said the outpouring of support makes her feel ecstatic.

"Seeing the response, I just think there's more good than bad in this world, and that makes me happy," she said.

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