Oxford OPP warn students playing ‘Assassins Game’

Over the past few weeks, the Oxford OPP has received several calls for service regarding weapon-related incidents, which turned out to be unfounded.

Police said the calls came from people playing a game called Senior Assassin in which participants use water guns to eliminate a fellow participant. At the time of the calls, neither the public nor the police knew the weapons were water guns, which caused public concern.

“The just of it is Grade 12 students are playing a game where they are given a target at the start of the school year and by the end of the year, whoever is left is the winner. Different schools have different prizes, but the idea is to squirt your target with a water gun or Nerf gun,” said OPP media relations Const. Randi Crawford.

It sounds innocent enough, but more and more reports of dangerous misunderstandings have surfaced not only in Oxford County but elsewhere across the globe.

“If it’s done in a schoolyard or a neighbourhood where everyone is aware this is happening, then it’s not as worrisome, but in an area where people aren’t familiar with this game, it can be scary.”

Crawford explained, depending on the toy gun being used, they can look very real and that’s where the concern comes in. She also wants to make sure participants are not playing the game while in a vehicle, either as the driver or a passenger. Her advice to teenagers would be to come up with a new game to play.

“But if they are going to do it, we would remind everyone to be smart about it. Make sure you do it in a safe and suitable area and if you are going to use a water gun, make sure it’s something that looks like a toy and nothing like replica firearms that are on the market.”

Police would like to remind participants that the members of the public who are unfamiliar with the game may confuse a water gun with a real firearm and call 911.

"Police certainly want students to enjoy their final year of high school safely. Our officers would like to encourage students to find a safer way to celebrate the success of their graduation,” said Crawford.

Lee Griffi, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette