Government aims to recruit all Islanders in fight against drunk driving

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The P.E.I. government is launching a public awareness campaign in a bid to reduce drunk driving in the province.

"It's probably long overdue. We've had a few tragedies this summer, preventable tragedies, related to impaired driving," said Justice Minister Bloyce Thompson.

"We all need to share in responsibility. We have to change our attitudes and behaviour."

Following five years of relatively low rates, drinking and driving incidents leapt upwards in 2018 and again in 2019, reaching the highest rates of this century.

The province's campaign will feature first responders from P.E.I. in ads that will be distributed on social media.

"They're describing their role and experiences they've had. It's rather personal," said Thompson.

The campaign will urge all Islanders to play a more active role in keeping impaired drivers off the roads.

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