P.E.I.'s Rose Cousins reflects on latest album Natural Conclusion

P.E.I.'s Rose Cousins reflects on latest album Natural Conclusion

P.E.I. singer-songwriter Rose Cousins says her current tour is the longest one she's been on in her career, and she's happy it's ending at home.

"It's been a wild ride," said Cousins on CBC P.E.I.'s Mainstreet. 

"I think it's just going to feel incredible to play the place that I was born and in front of the people who brought me onto this Earth … I think I've realized something on this tour and that is I love playing most for people who know me."

Cousins wraps up the tour for the album Natural Conclusion on Saturday evening at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. The tour began on Feb. 8 in Washington. 

She previously described the album and the process of making it a "really vulnerable one."

A 'vulnerable job'

"It's a really vulnerable job to stand up in front of people and sing … and share something that you've created and open it up to people's opinions," Cousins said. 

"The whole thing I see from a different viewpoint now after I've gone through it a few times."

Cousins said she made the album over four days in Toronto about a year ago with producer Joe Henry.

One aspect of the album that she's pleased with is that different listeners mention different songs to her.

"I think Donoughmore hits people, which is the song I kind of wrote when I was in Ireland. Grace hits people. It depends on which mood people are in," she said.

"I've had a mention on every song across the 45 shows I've played in." 

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