P.E.I. basking in record temperatures

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This December rain in Charlottetown is feeling more like late summer than Christmas.

Charlottetown recorded a record temperature early Wednesday morning, beating the mark hit in 1985.

"The record high today is 10.4, and we are at 13 degrees," said CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin said at 6 a.m..

Early morning temperatures peaked at 14.3 C at Charlottetown Airport at 4 a.m.

The temperature will fall only a little over the course of the day, said Simpkin, holding steady around 12 C for much of the afternoon. Overnight the temperature will drop to about 3 C.

Tuesday was almost as warm, topping out at 14.0 C, but that was well short of the 1927 record of 16.7 C.

While weekend temperatures will be cooler, they will remain a few degrees above the average high of 2.5 C.

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