P.E.I. eases some liquor licence regulations

P.E.I. eases some liquor licence regulations

As of this Saturday it's going to be easier to take your child with you if you're going somewhere on Prince Edward Island where liquor is being served.

And if your band has a 17-year-old bass player, performing in a licensed venue is going to be a little easier too.

The province announced a handful of small changes to regulations connected to the Liquor Control Act on Wednesday.

- Minors, who were restricted from licensed events unless they were weddings without liquor commission approval, may also attend other family events such as birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. Also community events such as fundraisers, and other family-oriented entertainment like ceilidhs, will be allowed so long as they are accompanied by a supervising legal guardian. 

- Underage entertainers may perform at licensed venues with the permission of the licensee, rather than requiring liquor commission approval.

- Minors with a legal guardian having a meal may stay until 2 a.m., rather than 10 p.m.

The government also eased restrictions on how much land for growing fruit must be attached to, or adjacent to a winery. The minimum size for a large farm winery is four hectares (10 acres), and 1.2 hectares (three acres) for a small farm winery, but only 0.8 hectares (two acres) will have to be by the winery itself.

The changes are part of a longer-term process announced last year to review the Liquor Control Act.

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