P.E.I. fisheries minister calls for $750M marine infrastructure fund from Ottawa

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P.E.I. Fisheries Minister Jamie Fox says he has put forward a proposal to Ottawa asking for a $750 million federal marine infrastructure fund for the Atlantic provinces.

The money would be used for marine and seafood industry infrastructure, such as wharf replacements and repairs, harbour improvements or measures to deal with damage caused by climate change.

Fox said the idea came from concerns he has been hearing from industry, harbour authorities and from other fisheries ministers in the Atlantic region.

"Presently what we're seeing across Atlantic Canada and especially in P.E.I., is that our infrastructure is at such an age that the money being allotted from the federal government to DFO is not sufficient to ensure that these structures are actually sound for the future."

Several wharfs in need of repair

Fox said several wharfs on P.E.I., such as Malpeque, Georgetown and North Rustico, are in need of work.

He has taken the proposal to federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan, and has spoken with some members of the fisheries and finance committees of the Senate, as well as with several MPs.

He said they provided optimism, and acknowledged there is currently no federal marine infrastructure program as there are with airports, highways and railways.

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