P.E.I. government announces climate change co-ordinator for every department

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The P.E.I. government has designated a climate change co-ordinator for every provincial department, according to a news release issued Friday.

The co-ordinators will be trained to look at policies and decisions through "a climate change lens" and work with other departments to solve problems, said the release.

They will also be tasked with helping their departments recognize the impacts of climate change and handle them accordingly.

"Part of government's vision is to see climate change considered in each department and in every decision we make," said Environment, Water and Climate Change Minister Natalie Jameson in the release.

"Having climate change co-ordinators across government supports our public servants to take on the challenges and opportunities of climate change and fosters homegrown solutions."

'I see my work as promising'

The climate change co-ordinators include:

  • Christine MacKinnon, Fisheries and Communities.

  • Danielle Gillan, Justice and Public Safety.

  • Erin Montgomery, Executive Council Office.

  • Jaclynne Hamel, Executive Council Office.

  • Jennifer MacDonald-Donovan, Finance.

  • John Morrison, Health and Wellness.

  • Kal Whitnell, Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture.

  • Matt Angus, Environment, Water and Climate Change.

  • Melanie Bos, Agriculture and Land.

  • Olivia Cox, Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy.

  • Robin Phillips, Education and Lifelong Learning.

  • Spencer Matheson, Executive Council Office.

  • Vernon MacIntyre, Social Development and Housing.

For some of the co-ordinators, work has already started.

Submitted by the P.E.I. Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change
Submitted by the P.E.I. Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change

The release said they are helping farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are developing sustainable transportation options.

"Climate change is at the forefront of challenges that farmers face every day through the uncertainty, risk and economic impact it brings to the agriculture industry," said Melanie Bos, climate solutions strategies co-ordinator with the Department of Agriculture and Land, in the release.

"I see my work as promising and exciting because making changes in our farming practices can help reverse greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change."

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