P.E.I. Humane Society finds homes for 17 seized husky pups

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The P.E.I. Humane Society says 17 husky pups who were seized from a dog breeder late last year have officially been adopted.

Thirty-four or so people turned up at the humane society last month to meet the pups in-person and submit applications for adoption.

"We found some great homes for them and they went home within the week," said Jennifer Harkness, development manager with the society.

"We certainly had a few people that were disappointed but I think that we're pretty confident that the puppies went to the right home."

Last year, investigators were sent to an Island dog breeding facility after complaints were received. The 17 pups, comprising two separate litters, were seized, along with their two mothers.

The puppies were found to have lesions caused from sleeping on wet materials in a building that was too cold.

The two mothers were eventually returned to the breeder, but a provincial appeal board ruled the pups would remain property of the humane society until they were ready to be put up for adoption.

'Quite smart, energetic puppies'

Harkness said so far none of the puppies have been returned to the society and she doesn't anticipate any of them will.

"They'd been with us since they were quite young and, as I said, they were placed into foster care very early on and the foster homes did a terrific job of raising them and socializing them and got to spend all that time with their litter mates, which was really important," she said.

"We just felt that they were already quite smart, energetic puppies and I think the people that were also adopting them knew that and knew what kind of dogs they were going to end up being."

She said some of the new owners have been in touch with the society to share pictures of their puppy's progress.

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