P.E.I. job seekers 'try a trade' at career fair

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P.E.I. job seekers 'try a trade' at career fair

Job seekers who attended the Work PEI career fair in Montague, P.E.I., Monday had the opportunity to try their hand at some trade skills.

Booths introduced fair-goers to basics about electrical installations, robotics and electronics — part of an initiative by the province to get people interested in pursuing careers in the trades.

"It really just gives you a better idea of if that's a trade you'd be interested in going into," said Amber James, community engagement officer with Work PEI.

Targeting high school students

This is the third year the province has held a series of career fairs across the province, but the first time the fairs have included the hands-on "try a trade" booths.

The booths were added largely to target high school students who might be thinking about their post-graduation plans.

"Students really want to know, before they apply to a program in college and spend a bunch of money on tuition, and before they actually get there. It's like, 'is that really even something I can see myself doing?'" said James.

Students from Montague Regional High School were at the fair Monday, visiting booths as part of a class assignment.

After trying out some skills, Grade 10 student Tyson Hayter said he was most interested in electrical installations.

"In school I used to think it was kind of like, confusing. But now that I've actually got to speak to someone about it, I think it's more interesting," said Hayter.

Upcoming fairs

Work PEI is hosting three more career fairs across the province — March 8 in O'Leary, P.E.I., March 13 in Summerside, P.E.I., and March 15 in Charlottetown.

The upcoming fairs will also include "try a trade" booths.

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