P.E.I. Lobster Love campaign rolls out across the Island

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A lobster roll from the 2020 P.E.I. Lobster Love campaign is shown. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC  - image credit)
A lobster roll from the 2020 P.E.I. Lobster Love campaign is shown. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC - image credit)

Chefs across the Island are asking locals and visitors alike to tuck in their bibs for a uniquely P.E.I. competition.

P.E.I. Lobster Love, which is pitting 35 lobster rolls from restaurants across the Island against each other in a friendly food fight, is back for a second year.

At stake are bragging rights for restaurateurs and a slew of prizes for participants.

Robbie Dover, a brand strategist with Fresh Media, said there are a number of unusual adaptations of the lobster roll, including a lobster shawarma and lobster sushi roll.

"But of course for the purists out there, we have a lot of tasty takes on the traditional version as well," he said.

People are encouraged to vote for their favourite lobster roll on the P.E.I. Lobster Love website.

John Robertson/CBC
John Robertson/CBC

Dover said the campaign is about showcasing P.E.I. lobster and the creativity and talent of Island chefs.

"We're excited that the Atlantic bubble is opening up and more and more people are rolling across the bridge, pun intended," said Dover, adding that he hopes other Canadians participate as well when the border restrictions ease on July 18.

"We're hoping people packed their appetite for our world-famous lobster rolls."

Dover said the success of last year's campaign "has an asterisk by it," because restaurants were only open for takeout due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"But it gave people a chance to get out and try and feel comfortable again. That was the big thing," he said.

"This year, we're excited we will have more off-Islanders here and we're excited to celebrate the lobster industry."

The event runs until July 31.

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