P.E.I. man swinging for the fences on Dragon's Den

P.E.I. man swinging for the fences on Dragon's Den

P.E.I. softball coach Jeff Ellsworth has been selected for CBC's Dragon's Den to present his product Exit Speed Swing, which is designed to improve ball players' batting.

It's a towel that slides over the bat to create resistance for practice swings.

Ellsworth pulled together his experience as a gold medal player at the Pan Am Games, and the head coach of Canada's national junior softball team, and the hitting coach for Spain's national women's team to create the device.

He is still working on his company's valuation.

"We'll have a look at the money that we've sunk into it with the patent, the website and with the insurance," said Ellsworth.

"We'll take all that into consideration and put a fair evaluation on the company. We have a ton of emails, people have reached out wanting to know when we're going to launch, and let me know as soon as you can. There's some sporting goods stores across the country that have signed up already to sell the product."

Ellsworth expects to step into The Dragon's Den to tape his appearance on May 7.

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