P.E.I. medicinal marijuana company adds 'discreet' option

P.E.I. medicinal marijuana company adds 'discreet' option

P.E.I.'s medicinal marijuana company is adding cannabis oil to its product lines.

Edwin Jewell, president of Canada's Island Garden, said not everyone who uses medicinal marijuana wants to smoke or vape it.

Cannabis oil allows them to put it in their food or drink.

"I think the benefit to oils is people can then take their medicinal cannabis in a way that is a little more discreet," Jewell said.

"There's still a stigma attached, I think, in many parts of Canada with people who smoke cannabis."

Canada's Island Garden has purchased an extractor from Advanced Extraction Systems, a subsidiary of Diversified Metal Engineering of Charlottetown.

The cannabis oil should be available within the next few months, Jewell said.

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