P.E.I. school calendar being changed for 2023 Canada Winter Games

Education officials on P.E.I. will make changes to the 2022-23 school calendar to ensure the winter break will coincide with the Canada Winter Games. 

The 2023 Games will be hosted on Prince Edward Island. 

"So this was done to ensure that school facilities and school buses would be able to be incorporated into the potential planning that would be upcoming for the games," said John Cummings of the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. 

"As in past games, school buses have been a key piece of the infrastructure to allow the athletes to get to their venues."

Two-week break

The Games are likely to be held Feb. 17-March 5, but the dates haven't been finalized.

What officials do know is that the break would span two weeks, Cummings said, but efforts will be made to ensure overall class time will be the same for the school year.

Cummings said the break could be a chance for students to experience some of the competition.

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