How P.E.I. schools plan to handle parent-teacher interviews

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The Public Schools Branch is notifying families about updated guidelines to what parent-teacher interviews will look like amid COVID-19. They will be the first organized, in-person meetings between parents and teachers since the pandemic began.

"Schools throughout the last couple of months have become very adept at adhering to different guidelines," said Erin Johnston, assistant director with the Public Schools Branch.

"If we think back to June, when schools were hosting closings and graduations and they had to fit within those guidelines as well, we've become very good at that, and so I'm confident that we'll be able to meet the guidelines."

Johnston said scheduled meetings are going to be very common, as opposed to parents lining up outside of teacher's classrooms.

Unlike other years

Meetings will be limited to one parent and one teacher, and students can't tag along.

Officials also said hand sanitizer will be available and parents will have to sign in and wear a mask, unless sitting two metres away from the teacher.

"We've put some parameters out to schools that are in line with all the different guidelines, and in some cases, yes, schools will have to change how they format and organize," Johnston said.

Johnston said anyone unable to attend the in-person interviews can call the school to make other arrangements.

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