P.E.I. seniors upset as snowmobile 'bullies' zip past home

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P.E.I. seniors upset as snowmobile 'bullies' zip past home

P.E.I. seniors upset as snowmobile 'bullies' zip past home

Residents of a seniors apartment building in Tyne Valley, P.E.I., say they've had enough of some snowmobilers who continue to drive on their front yard — sometimes just metres from their door.

Nan Ferrier, who has lived in the building for the past five years, said snowmobilers are using the private property as a shortcut to quickly get from nearby trails to businesses in the village. 

"It's kind of scary," she said. "They come right by my window, like 15 feet from my window and my door, and they'll usually come in groups. They're just very noisy and they're not supposed to be there, but there's nothing you can do."

Ferrier said she can't identify them because they drive too quickly.

"As far as I'm concerned, they're the bullies and I'm the victim and I don't like that."

Despite No Trespassing signs and a temporary snow fence, resident Elton Millar said snowmobilers have been cutting through the property for the three years he's lived in the building. He said they leave the tracks behind, which can cause damage to the lawn.

"All I want is a little respect and privacy for myself," Millar said.

East Prince District RCMP said while they haven't received any formal complaints, they plan to increase patrols in the village and around the seniors complex.

The P.E.I. Snowmobile Association said most snowmobilers are careful and responsible and does not condone trespassing on private property.

"There's a few individuals that have really no respect for land, for permission, for signs or anything else and those are the people that are giving our sport a bad name," said president Dale Hickox.

Association members in West Prince plan to speak to residents to see if they can do something to help deter snowmobilers from riding on their property, such as erecting snow fencing around the apartment building and property.

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