Some P.E.I. strawberries ripening later than usual

Some P.E.I. strawberries ripening later than usual

The late frost in June means some P.E.I. strawberries are taking longer than usual to ripen.

Matthew Compton, the head of the P.E.I. Strawberry Growers Association, says several frosts in early June killed a significant overall portion of his plants.

Now, Compton is predicting a condensed harvesting season. The first harvest is normally done at the start of July, but his didn't happen until Monday.

That's a week later than usual, and Compton said it is unnerving.

'It was really quiet'

"Normally the first of July, things are booming around our farm, [so much] that you can't keep up. And it was just really quiet," Compton said.

"It was a very eerie feeling for us, especially for me because you know it's your time to start bringing in your income and start getting some of your bills paid and you're not doing anything."

The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture said apple and blueberry growers and some vegetable farmers have also been affected by the frosts.

The federation said it is monitoring the situation across the Island, but it is too early to tell the extent of losses.

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