P.E.I. woman refuses to self-isolate after travel, fined $1,000

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A 24-year-old P.E.I. woman from the Summerside area has been fined for not following the province's COVID-19 self-isolation rules.

Summerside police say the woman returned to Prince Edward Island Sunday after traveling outside the province.

"We were contacted Sunday afternoon by the folks from Chief Public Health office," said Sgt. Jason Blacquiere. "This 24-year-old female we charged … she had told screening people she wasn't going to abide by the self-isolation regulations."

Blacquiere said an officer was in the Charlottetown area Monday night and noticed the woman around 8 p.m.

"This female is known to our members and this officer noticed her vehicle at a gas station."

The woman was located and issued the $1,000 fine, said Blacquiere.

Rick Gibbs/CBC
Rick Gibbs/CBC

The woman was released and told to go home and follow self-isolation requirements, Blacquiere said.

"If people continue to refuse to abide by the conditions then there is the option and we have made some arrests under Section 180 of the Criminal Code for being a common nuisance, and that is basically endangering the safety of the public," Blacquiere said.

"If the fines aren't working and people are still refusing to abide by the regulations there is potential there for criminal charges."

Police didn't check on the woman Sunday night when they were informed, Blacquiere said.

"Generally what happens is when somebody comes back into the province there are people assigned to follow up and make sure people are self-isolating. We just happened to know because the folks from Chief Public Health called us."

Blacquiere said his department has issued about 10 fines for not self-isolating since the pandemic began.

CBC contacted the Chief Public Health Office for more details on the situation, but has not yet heard back from officials.

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