P.E.I. working with Atlantic provinces for consistent approach on marijuana rules

Premier willing to consider child advocate, but 'first things first'

P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan said the province won't be taking the lead when it comes to the rules around legalized recreational marijuana. 

Instead, he stressed the need for there to be a clear and consistent approach among the provinces and territories — especially among the Atlantic provinces.

Some of the issues the provinces will have to consider when devising rules around legalized recreational marijuana include public health, minimum age, distribution, and safety, such as driving regulations.

"These are very complex questions," he said. 

"The most important thing for us to do is to be looking ahead to be in clear coordination and regular dialogue and cooperation with other provinces here in the region. To be sure that we know what others are doing before we jump out in front."

Consistent approach

Also the province's justice and public safety minister, MacLauchlan said one area of concern — driving enforcement — is being debated in the policing community.

"What tests are reliable to then lead to successful prosecutions, where you have a case of drug impaired driving. And, there is work that needs to be done on that."

In terms of distribution and where legalized marijuana will be purchased by a consumer, MacLauchlan again said "we'll likely have to wait and see what the other provinces do."

"None of us wants to have an imbalance or sort of a competitive race among provinces. That's to say, that the approach should be consistent."

The federal government said it would like to have rules in place by June 2018 and marijuana legal and available for sale by July 1, 2018.  

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