Paid sick days to be discussed in closed session of A-M Twp. council

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ADELAIDE-METCALFE - Council met on Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 7pm for their regular meeting, with Councillor Mike Brodie absent, the mayor noted, as the nice weather called for work in the farm fields.

The meeting began with two presentations/delegations. The first from Derek Richmond of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) regarding postal banking and service expansions. The second from Lindsay Brock, Middlesex County librarian, about a new Library Kiosk pilot occurring in Adelaide Metcalfe.

Next, the Municipality of Calvin resolution about Universal Paid Sick Days was filed, and will be discussed during council’s next closed session meeting as it “affects (Adelaide Metcalfe) employees and their remuneration.” The CUPW union resolution “Delivering Community Power” was also filed as there is no post office in the township, despite piquing the interest of councillors. The Drainage Engineer outlined a need to address multiple sink-holes in the Topping Drain, which runs along multiple farmers’ fields north of Cuddy Drive near Kerwood Road. Staff were directed to contact affected landowners and conservation authorities for comment. A separate drainage tender for the Knip Ball Drain was approved; just under $75,000 will be assessed to landowners and the County Roads Department once the work is completed.

A Fire Safety Grant totalling $5,300 was received and will help augment firefighter training, adding to the $15,000 already approved in the 2021 budget. Four firefighters are currently registered for an Officer course, costing $1,100 each, with additional courses upcoming.

Next on the agenda were two gravel road tenders. The township will go $13,000 over-budget for dust suppressant, costing $93,000 from the lowest bidder, 552976 Ontario Inc. c/o Clifford J Holland. Costs for this yearly maintenance measure have jumped significantly from $70,000 last year and $56,000 the year before; staff say the market has dictated those price hikes. Meanwhile, bids for maintenance gravel came in under-budget by about $52,000, costing $177,660 from McKenzie Henderson. Last years’ costs were $202,683, the year before $194,001. After a brief discussion about the Optimist Club’s locally-renowned ‘Kerwood Burgers’, the meeting came to a close. Council will meet again Monday, 19 April 2021.

McKinley Leonard-Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner