Pakistan vs England LIVE: Cricket result and reaction as Babar and Rizwan complete historic run chase

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England were triumphant in the opening T20 of this seven-match series on Tuesday after they defeated Pakistan by six wickets with four-balls to spare. Moeen Ali – captaining the tourists in place of the injured Jos Buttler – won the toss and elected to bowl first. Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam put on 85 for the first wicket but tight bowling from Adil Rashid (2-27) and Luke Wood (3-24) limited the hosts to 158-7.

In reply, England never looked out of control despite losing wickets just as they gained the upper hand. Alex Hales – recalled to the side for the first time in three years – top scored with 53 from 40 balls but it was Harry Brook (42*) who provided the impetus throughout the back half of the run chase that got England over the line.

Tuesday’s pitch was a slow track that offered little for the seamers especially those without express pace. England’s quickest bowler, Wood, got his rewards but David Willey and Sam Curran – who rely more on swing – struggled. That being the case it wouldn’t be surprising if England change up the team and bring in Reece Topley for extra bounce, Olly Stone for extra pace, or even Liam Dawson as a third spin option. Then again, why change a winning side?

Follow all the action from the second T20 between Pakistan and England from Karachi:

Pakistan vs England

  • Pakistan win by 10 wickets with three balls to spare and level series at 1-1

  • 100! Babar Azam makes his second T20I hundred for Pakistan

  • 150 UP! Pakistan take Rashid apart and bring up the 150, they’re three quarters of the way there now

  • 50! Babar Azam joins Mohammad Rizwan with a half-century of his own

  • 100 UP! Babar dinks one into the legside to bring up the century partnership

  • 50! Rizwan guides Luke Wood into the legside for two and earns his second half-century of the series

  • 50 UP! Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam bring up the half-century at the end of the powerplay

  • Pakistan need 200 runs to win

  • England bat first and set 199-5 with Moeen Ali making 55*

Pakistan win by 10 wickets!

18:56 , Michael Jones

That 203 run partnership between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan is the highest ever in international T20 cricket beating the 197 one set by Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan.

Pakistan win by 10 wickets!

18:53 , Michael Jones

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Pakistan 203-0 (19.3), Rizwan 88, Babar 110, Willey 0-44 (4.3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:51 , Michael Jones

Pakistan win by 10 wickets! An incredible run chase is finished off by Babr Azam with a glorious cover drive through the in field for four runs!

The Pakistan supporters start to chant their captain’s name. They’ve made that chase look like a doddle. Fantastic batting that England had no answer to.

Massive hitting, exceptional running and great entertainment. Pakistan level the series at 1-1.

Pakistan 197-0 (19), Rizwan 87, Babar 105, Wood 0-49 (4), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:47 , Michael Jones

This is a massive over.

If Luke Wood can keep it tight then England have a chance. Rizwan takes one from the first delivery before Babar picks the gap on the legside and collect four runs!

After another single Wood responds with a slower delivery outside off stump but it’s pumped down the ground for another boundary!

Two awful deliveries from Luke Wood are sent very wide as pressure tells on the left-armer. He bowls straight and Rizwan chips the ball just over Moeen Ali at cover. The England captain gets a hand to the ball but drops it!

More wides from Wood - his third of the over - gives Rizwan one more ball to face and he bangs it over to deep midwicket for two.

Pakistan need just three from the last over. 17 runs came from that one.

Pakistan 180-0 (18), Rizwan 78, Babar 100, Curran 0-29 (4), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:39 , Michael Jones

100! Babar Azam celebrates as he brings up his second hundred in T20I cricket by working Sam Curran away to backward point for a single.

He’s the first Pakistani player to make two T20 hundreds in international cricket. His hundred comes off 62 balls but only four runs come from the over.

20 to win from 12 balls.

Pakistan 176-0 (17), Rizwan 76, Babar 98, Willey 0-38 (3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:35 , Michael Jones

Can David Willey redeem himself a bit? He’s currently going at 13 runs an over. It won’t be easy as Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam are seeing it like a beach ball now.

They’re controlling the game nicely now, knocking it into the legside and running hard. Willey keeps them to five runs from the first four balls before a full toss is spangled over the ropes for six by Babar!

12 runs from the over, 24 to win.

Pakistan 164-0 (16), Rizwan 72, Babar 90, Wood 0-32 (3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:30 , Michael Jones

Pakistan are cruising now. They need just 49 from 30 and Luke Wood is tasked with slowing them down but he starts with a wide before Babar slaps him away for four runs through backward point.

This is Pakistan’s game to lose now. Wood responds with a bit of extra bounce that troubles the Pakistan captain who misses an attempted push into the offside.

More quick running brings Babar two more and a single brings Rizwan on strike for the final two balls. He takes one and Babar ends the over with a hook out to cow corner for four more!

England are shellshocked. 36 runs to win off 24 balls.

Pakistan 151-0 (15), Rizwan 71, Babar 79, Rashid 0-34 (3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:23 , Michael Jones

Six! Pakistan are taking to the English spinners with Rizwan smoking another slog sweep out of the ground off Adil Rashid. The big hitting is impressive but equally so is the running between the wickets.

These two are quick and determined, they’re turning ones into twos then absolutely nailing the loose balls.

Babar slog sweeps one now and collects six of his own! 16 runs come from the over.

Pakistan 135-0 (14), Rizwan 64, Babar 70, Curran 0-25 (3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:20 , Michael Jones

Pakistan still require 75 runs off 42 balls and England desperately need wickets.

Sam Curran returns and looks to keep it tight. Both Pakistan batters are swinging from the hips as they try to pick out the gaps on the boundary.

A decent over ends with a boundary as Babar flicks Curran away for four runs to fine leg. 10 runs come from the over.

65 needed of 36 balls.

Pakistan 125-0 (13), Rizwan 60, Babar 64, Moeen 0-21 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:15 , Michael Jones

Welcome to the game Moeen Ali. His first ball is a loosener and Babar smokes him away for six runs! He follows it up with another maximum later in the over after a slog sweep over cow corner!

Rizwan gets in on the act and smashes an 84m six over square leg for the third six of the over. Incredible batting.

This is a massive over for the hosts who take Moeen for 21 runs!

Pakistan 104-0 (12), Rizwan 53, Babar 50, Dawson 0-26 (4), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:11 , Michael Jones

50! Pakistan’s captain brings up his half-century of 39 balls with another push into the legside. Liam Dawson finishes with 0-26 from his four overs which is a great effort in the circumstances.

Pakistan 100-0 (11.2), Rizwan 51, Babar 48, Dawson 0-21 (3.2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:09 , Michael Jones

What a start for Pakistan! Their opening batters bring up the 100 runs partnership when Babar Azam flicks one into the legside off Liam Dawson.

The hosts just need to keep going. Two good overs and they’ll be right on top.

Pakistan 99-0 (11), Rizwan 51, Babar 47, Wood 0-19 (2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:07 , Michael Jones

Six runs! Wood sends down a slow half-volley and Babar Azam lifts it back over the bowler’s head for a maximum. These two opening batters are making a good go of this run chase.

More quick running between the wickets earns Babar two more and he finishes off the over with a pull for one. 12 runs come from the over.

Pakistan 89-0 (10.1), Rizwan 50, Babar 38, Wood 0-9 (1.1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:04 , Michael Jones

What can Luke Wood conjure for England?

He replaces Adil Rashid and tries to target the toes of Mohammad Rizwan. Rizwan manages to flick him away in the legside for two runs and brings up his 50!

Pakistan 87-0 (10), Rizwan 48, Babar 38, Dawson 0-21 (3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

18:01 , Michael Jones

Rizwan and Babar are doing their best not to allow England’s spinners to settle. Liam Dawson replaces Sam Curran and comes around the wicket to dart the ball onto the pads of both right-handers.

Four singles come from the over. Pakistan are behind the run-rate at the halfway stage but they have 10 wickets in hand which will help them towards the back end of the innings.

113 runs to win of 60 balls.

Pakistan 83-0 (9), Rizwan 46, Babar 36, Rashid 0-18 (2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:57 , Michael Jones

Great shot! Babar Azam latches onto a slightly wide and short delivery from Adil Rashid and cuts one away through cover for four runs to start the over.

There are a few singles as Rashid struggles to find his length. Pakistan continue to milk him for ones and they collect another nine runs from the over.

This is a good run chase so far.

Pakistan 71-0 (8), Rizwan 44, Babar 29, Curran 0-15 (2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:54 , Michael Jones

This game will come down to how many wickets England can get. The longer this partnership goes on the better Pakistan’s chances of winning the game.

Sam Curran comes back on and starts well, varying his lengths and pace to keep the batters to ones and twos. Just six runs come from the over.

Pakistan require 126 runs of 72 deliveries to win.

Pakistan 68-0 (7), Rizwan 41, Babar 26, Rashid 0-9 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:50 , Michael Jones

Adil Rashid comes straight on now that the powerplay has finished. Rizwan tries to flick him away into the legside but misses the ball. He’s out of his crease but Phil Salt can’t collect the ball and the stumping chance goes begging.

Rashid is getting the ball to talk. He can spin it both ways and Rizwan is finding it tricky to deal with. Twice he misses the ball before a stray delivery down the legside is swept away for four runs.

Rizwan follows up with another sweep and collects another boundary. It’s a good over for Pakistan, nine runs coming from it.

Pakistan 59-0 (6), Rizwan 32, Babar 26, Dawson 0-17 (2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:46 , Michael Jones

Liam Dawson is brought back into the attack to close out the powerplay and troubles Rizwan immediately as the opener misses an attempted sweep.

Dropped! Rizwan comes down the track and spoons a big drive straight up into the air. Alex Hales at mid-off jogs back and should take it but he’s off balance as the ball drops and he spills it.

To make matters worse Rizwan then bangs Dawson for six runs over long-on! Babar slaps away another four and 13 runs come from that over too.

How costly will that drop prove to be? Pakistan are up with the run-rate after the powerplay. England need wickets.

Pakistan 46-0 (5), Rizwan 23, Babar 22, Willey 0-26 (2), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:42 , Michael Jones

Out of the ground! David Willey returns for England and Pakistan continue to target him. Babar knocks him away from one before Rizwan picks up a full delivery on leg stump and whips the ball over the square leg boundary for six!

Babar then gets in on the act when he gets back on strike with an uppercut over point for four runs. Willey is taking some tap out there and it was a risky call from Moeen to bring him back.

13 runs come from the over.

Pakistan 32-0 (4), Rizwan 15, Babar 16, Wood 0-7 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:38 , Michael Jones

Luke Wood was England’s standout bowler in the previous game and he comes on to replace Liam Dawson. He’s by far England’s quickest bowler and could have a big role to play tonight.

Mullered! Rizwan gets off strike from the first ball of the over before Babar continues his good form with a smoking cut shot that penetrates the offside and brings him another four runs.

Close! Babar knocks a pull shot to mid-on and scrambles through for a single to end the over.

Pakistan need 168 runs from 96 balls to win. Good start from Luke Wood too.

Pakistan 25-0 (3), Rizwan 14, Babar 11, Curran 0-9 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:32 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran replaces David Willey and sends his first ball wide of off stump that Rizwan drives away to the boundary fielder for one. The Pakistan batters are growing a touch frustrated as they keep finding the fielders.

With such a big total to chase they’ll be wanting to make use of the powerplay.

That’s four! Babar is quickly onto a slightly shorter ball and he pulls it wide of mid-on for a boundary! Curran responds with a dot ball before Babar smashes him back over his head for another four to end the over.

Pakistan 16-0 (2), Rizwan 13, Babar 3, Dawson 0-4 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:28 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali turns to Liam Dawson to open at the other end for England with spin expected to be more difficult to get away to the boundary.

The first couple of deliveries are guided away for singles before Babar Azam cuts one straight to Harry Brook at cover for a dot ball.

Dawson continues to dart the ball into the pitch and gets out of the over without conceding a boundary. It’s a top start from him with just four runs coming from his six balls.

Pakistan 12-0 (1), Rizwan 11, Babar 1, Willey 0-12 (1), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:25 , Michael Jones

David Willey struggled with the new ball on Tuesday night and he’s struggled again tonight as Mohammad Rizwan spanks him over the legside for the second boundary of the over.

Babar Azam gets off the mark with a single too.

Pakistan 6-0 (0.3), Rizwan 6, Babar 0, Willey 0-2 (0.3), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:22 , Michael Jones

Rizwan and Babar are busy between the stumps and scurry back for two runs off the first delivery before Rizwan rocks back and cuts Willey away for four runs!

A dot ball follows but it’s a good start for the hosts.

Pakistan 0-0 (0), Rizwan 0, Babar 0, Willey 0-0 (0), Pakistan need 200 runs to win

17:20 , Michael Jones

Let’s see how the hosts go about their run chase. David Willey is going to open up for England with the ball, Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam need to get Pakistan off to a flyer.

England 199-5

17:15 , Michael Jones

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England 199-5

17:12 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett says that England were aiming for 150-160 before the innings started and they’ve blown that estimate away thanks to a brilliant innings from Moeen Ali.

Pakistan need 200 runs to win.

End of innings: England 199-5 (20), Curran 10, Moeen 55, Hasnain 0-51 (4)

17:10 , Michael Jones

Huge! It’s a massive six from Moeen Ali. He whips it over midwicket for a maximum before blitzing the final ball of the innings over to the legside boundary for six more!

That’s also 50 for Moeen who finishes 55* off 23 deliveries.

England end with 199-5 from their 20 overs. That’s a monstrous score on this pitch.

England 186-5 (19.3), Curran 9, Moeen 43, Hasnain 0-38 (3.3)

17:07 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali whacks the ball over the bowler’s head to pick up two off the first ball of the final over. Then scuffs one into the legside for two more.

Mohammamd Hasnain has struggled tonight and he oversteps with his second ball and gifts a free hit to Moeen that he can only push into the offside for one.

Curran misses out on another attempted ramp and Hasnain sends down a rare dot ball.

England 180-5 (19), Curran 9, Moeen 38, Rauf 2-30 (4)

17:04 , Michael Jones

Curran slaps a low full toss away to the point boundary to end the over with two runs. One over to go and England already have a big total.

What will they finish with?

England 177-5 (18.3), Curran 7, Moeen 37, Rauf 2-27 (3.3)

17:02 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran is ramping now! He gets low and lifts Haris Rauf over short fine leg for four runs. Smartly he gets off strike with the next ball before Moeen swings and misses at a wide one.

England 172-5 (18), Curran 2, Moeen 37, Dahani 2-37 (4)

17:00 , Michael Jones

Dropped! Moeen gets a lifeline after hooking a short ball over to the boundary. Khushdil Shah should snatch it up but the ball goes in and flops out of his hands as he takes his eyes off the ball at the last moment.

To make matters worse Moeen then swivels Dahani away for four to end the over.

England 166-5 (17.3), Curran 1, Moeen 31, Dahani 2-31 (3.3)

16:58 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali takes one off Shahnawaz Dahani’s first ball of the over to bring Sam Curran on strike. Curran dinks one away to get off the mark before Moeen spanks a flat-batted shot to the legside boundary for four runs.

Wicket! Harry Brook 31 (19) b. Rauf, England 160-5 (17)

16:55 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook has to go! Haris Rauf rolls his fingers over the last delivery of the 17th over and sends down a slower ball that does for Brook as he attempts to ramp the ball over the wicketkeeper.

He misses, Rauf hits and stumps go akimbo!

England 158-4 (16.3), Brook 30, Moeen 26, Rauf 1-20 (2.3)

16:53 , Michael Jones

Too short from Haris Rauf! Moeen gets Brook back on strike and the Yorkshireman hooks the pace bowler over deep square leg for six more runs!

England 151-4 (16), Brook 24, Moeen 25, Hasnain 0-32 (3)

16:51 , Michael Jones

An attempted bouncer doesn’t get up high enough and Moeen spanks a hook shot away to the boundary. England are rocketing here, 170 is definitely on the cards.

Brook ends the over with a glorious shot! He drives one on the up and smokes it over cover for six more! 150 up for England with four overs to go.

England 140-4 (15.3), Brook 18, Moeen 20, Hasnain 0-21 (2.3)

16:48 , Michael Jones

That over put a dent in Usman Qadir’s figures. Both Pakistan spinners have gone at over 10 runs on over.

This is smart batting from Harry Brook who leans back and guides Mohammad Hasnain away for four before flicking him into the legside for one.

With Moeen on strike Hasnain sends one wide outside off stump and Moeen slaps him away for two more.

England 133-4 (15), Brook 13, Moeen 18, Usman 0-41 (4)

16:46 , Michael Jones

Wow! That’s a big hit. Moeen Ali gets under the ball and swings it away over cow corner for six runs with a slog sweep!

And again! A very similar shot ends in the same result as Moeen ends the over with consecutive sixes!

England 120-4 (14.3), Brook 12, Moeen 6, Usman 0-28 (3.3)

16:43 , Michael Jones

Usman Qadir strays well off target and sends down a wide before a short ball is hacked away for four by Moeen Ali.

Usman tightens his line and draws a false shot from Moeen before the England skipper pushes him to long-on for a single.

England 114-4 (14), Brook 12, Moeen 1, Dahani 2-25 (3)

16:41 , Michael Jones

England’s current projected score is 162 which is slightly higher than Pakistan made the other night. England will want to push that closer to 170 though.

11 runs come from Dahani’s third over. Six overs to go.

England 111-4 (13.3), Brook 11, Moeen 1, Dahani 2-22 (2.3)

16:39 , Michael Jones

Pakistan review a decision after Brook misses one down the legside. They think he’s got a slight edge to the ball but the replays show it clipped his thigh pad so the Yorkshireman survives.

He works the next ball away for two before smoking Dahani into the stands for six!

England 103-4 (13), Brook 3, Moeen 1, Nawaz 1-40 (4)

16:36 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali is the new batter for England. He and Brook take a couple of runs from the rest of the over. Mohammad Nawaz finishes with 1-40 from his four overs.

Wicket! Ben Duckett 43 (22) b. Nawaz, England 101-4 (12.3)

16:34 , Michael Jones

Bowled him! Duckett steps across his stumps and attempts to sweep Mohammad Nawaz away for another boundary but this time he misses the ball and it rattles into the stumps.

England 101-3 (12.2), Brook 2, Duckett 43, Nawaz 0-38 (3.2)

16:32 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Nawaz is going to bowl out whilst England have a new batter at the crease. Harry Brook dances down the track but Nawaz drags the ball down and Brook can only knock it away for one.

Four! Duckett plays a premeditated ramp shot and dinks the ball down to fine leg for another boundary!

Those four runs also bring up England’s 100.

England 96-3 (12), Brook 1, Duckett 39, Rauf 1-13 (2)

16:29 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook is the new batter for England coming in at number five. He was impressive in the previous game helping England chase down 158 but he’s got a different challenge here.

Brook blocks the first two balls before guiding the last delivery of the over to third man for one.

Wicket! Phil Salt 30 (27) b. Rauf, England 95-3 (11.3)

16:27 , Michael Jones

Gone! Salt attempts to work Rauf into the legside once more but the quicker delivery does him for pace and the stumps are rearranged!

England 95-2 (11.2), Salt 30, Duckett 39, Rauf 0-12 (1.2)

16:25 , Michael Jones

Haris Rauf is brought back into the attack and sends a couple of short ones down to Phil Salt. He swivels the first away from two but the second is a slower delivery and Salt misses it.

England 93-2 (11), Salt 28, Duckett 39, Usman 0-22 (3)

16:23 , Michael Jones

Back-to-back sweeps from Duckett!

The second shot goes flying inbetween the fielders at long-on and deep midwicket and neither can stop the ball crossing the boundary.

An inside edge brings up the 50 partnership between these two as well.

England 87-2 (10.3), Salt 27, Duckett 34, Usman 0-16 (2.3)

16:21 , Michael Jones

Pakistan are persisting with spin as Usman Qadir continues. Phil Salt dinks him into the legside for one run to bring Ben Duckett back on strike.

Duckett slaps a cut shot away for a couple before another solid sweep shot brings him four more!

England 80-2 (10), Salt 26, Duckett 28, Nawaz 0-33 (3)

16:18 , Michael Jones

At the halfway stage of the innings England are sitting in a decent position at 80-2 but they’ll want to kick on over the next 10 overs.

Ben Duckett looks well set, he reverse sweeps Nawaz over the gap at cover for another four runs to end the 10th over.

One of these two batters needs to stay until the end of the innings if England want to get a big total.

England 73-2 (9.3), Salt 25, Duckett 22, Nawaz 0-26 (2.3)

16:14 , Michael Jones

Duckett lunges forward and gets low enough to sweep Nawaz away for four runs through the gap at square leg. The England batter then ramps a slower delivery over the wicketkeeper and collects two.

He tries again and the ball bounces onto his glove to bring him one more.

England 66-2 (9), Salt 25, Duckett 15, Usman 0-9 (2)

16:12 , Michael Jones

Another brilliant over from Usman Qadir as he keeps England to just four runs. A couple of those deliveries kept low to Salt who played over the top of both of them.

England’s run-rate is slowly coming down and wickets in hand will be crucial now.

England 63-2 (8.3), Salt 25, Duckett 12, Usman 0-5 (1.3)

16:10 , Michael Jones

Salt almost swings himself off his feet as he looks to smoke Usman over cow corner for six and ends up missing the ball. He knocks the next one back for a single before Duckett’s heavy sweep missing everything.

It’s not easy to bat on this pitch.

England 62-2 (8), Salt 24, Duckett 12, Nawaz 0-19 (2)

16:08 , Michael Jones

Four runs! There’s a couple of inventive strokes as first Phil Salt reverse sweeps one into a gap for two before Ben Duckett guides a little ramp shot past the wicketkeeper for a boundary to fine leg.

England 55-2 (7.3), Salt 21, Duckett 8, Nawaz 0-12 (1.3)

16:07 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt is struggling to get the ball away as it loses a lot of pace when it comes up off the pitch. Just two singles come from Nawaz’s first three deliveries of the eighth over.

England 53-2 (7), Salt 20, Duckett 7, Usman 0-5 (1)

16:04 , Michael Jones

A decent start from the Pakistani wrist spinner who only goes for five runs from his opening over. This is a crucial passage of play now, England need to rebuild but also attack which should bring the slower bowlers into the game.

England 50-2 (6.1), Salt 16, Duckett 6, Usman 0-2 (0.1)

16:02 , Michael Jones

50 up for England! Usman Qadir drags his first delivery slightly short and Phil Salt cuts him away for two runs to bring up fifty runs for the visitors.

England 48-2 (6), Salt 16, Duckett 6, Dahani 2-14 (2)

16:01 , Michael Jones

Duckett sweeps a slower ball away from four runs through the square leg area to end the powerplay on a high. 48 runs have come from it but Pakistan are back in the game thanks to Dahani’s two wickets.

England 42-2 (5.3), Salt 16, Duckett 0, Dahani 2-8 (1.3)

15:59 , Michael Jones

Ben Duckett survives! Dahani angles the ball across the left-hander but Duckett gets in behind the ball and pushes it into the legside where he picks out the fielder.

No hat-trick for Dahani.

Wicket! Malan 0 (1) b. Dahani, England 42-2 (5.2)

15:57 , Michael Jones

Two in two! Dawid Malan is the new batter and moves too far across the crease allowing the ball to sneak behind his legs and take out leg stump.

Shahnawaz Dahani is on a hat-trick!

Wicket! Alex Hales 26 (21) b. Dahani, England 42-1 (5.1)

15:55 , Michael Jones

Bowled him! Alex Hales has ridden his luck through this innings but it runs out as he looks to smoke the ball over the midwicket boundary.

He swipes at it and misses with Shahnawaz Dahani’s delivery clipping the bails over middle stump.

England 42-0 (5), Salt 16, Hales 26, Rauf 0-10 (1)

15:52 , Michael Jones

Hales has another wild mow and misses the ball before following up by giving himself room outside the leg stump and cut the ball over the infield for four runs down to the vacant third man boundary.

10 runs come from Rauf’s first over.

England 37-0 (4.3), Salt 16, Hales 21, Rauf 0-5 (0.3)

15:51 , Michael Jones

More pace for Pakistan as Babar Azam makes another bowling change. Haris Rauf is brought into the attack and Phil Salt pulls him away from four runs off the first delivery.

Another flick into the legside brings England another run before Rauf sends down a slower ball and draws a play-and-miss out of Alex Hales who tries to whack one away to through midwicket.

England 32-0 (4), Salt 11, Hales 21, Dahani 0-8 (1)

15:48 , Michael Jones

Lucky! Hales attempts a wild mow across to the legside and edges the fast delivery past the wicketkeeper for four more runs. There are another couple of runs taken from the over and England have started well.

They’re up to eight runs an over with two overs to go in the powerplay.

England 26-0 (3.3), Salt 10, Hales 16, Dahani 0-2 (0.3)

15:46 , Michael Jones

Shahnawaz Dahani replaces Mohammad Nawaz and sends down a couple of sharp deliveries over 140kph. Hales and Salt each collect a single before Hales attempts to pull one away and nicks the ball onto his own thigh pad.

England 24-0 (3), Salt 9, Hales 15, Hasnain 0-14 (2)

15:44 , Michael Jones

Hasnain switches things up and angles one into the pads of Hales who swings across his stumps and swivels the ball past the short fine leg fielder to pick up his first boundary.

Six! The bowler then adjusts back outside the off stump and Hales attempts to drive him over mid-off but gets a thick edge that flies over the third man boundary for six runs.

England 13-0 (2.3), Salt 9, Hales 4, Hasnain 0-3 (1.3)

15:41 , Michael Jones

Mohammad Hasnain has started strongly.

He’s pretty sharp but his lengths have been good and tricky to get away. Alex Hales plays back three dot balls in a row and the pressure is building on the England man.

England 13-0 (2), Salt 9, Hales 4, Nawaz 0-10 (1)

15:39 , Michael Jones

10 runs come from a scrappy over for England. After Salt’s early six he works the ball away to get off strike before Hales chips one over mid-on for a couple.

The final ball of the over is clothed to the same fielder who fumbles and allows the batters to sprint through for another single.

England 8-0 (1.1), Salt 7, Hales 1, Nawaz 0-6 (0.1)

15:37 , Michael Jones

Six! Mohammad Nawaz opens up at the other end with his slow left-arm spinners. Phil Salt bravely steps outside his leg stump and lifts the ball over extra cover.

There’s a fielder on the boundary but Salt gets enough power through the stroke to get the ball over his head and into the crowd for the first maximum of the game.

England 3-0 (1), Salt 2, Hales 1, Hasnain 0-3 (1)

15:35 , Michael Jones

Salt swipes at a wide ball and sends the ball down to third man for another single. It flew through the air and had the fielder at backward point interested for a moment before shooting well wide of him.

Hales can’t get the last ball of the over away and it’s a good start from Pakistan. Just three runs from the first over.

England 2-0 (0.3), Salt 1, Hales 1, Hasnain 0-2 (0.3)

15:33 , Michael Jones

Phil Salt gets off the mark with a flick off his leg to the man at short fine-leg. There’s a misfield and the batters scramble through for one run.

Mohammad Nasnain’s first delivery to Alex Hales is a beauty, it pitches and swings away before narrowly missing the edge of Hales’ bat.

A push down to third man then gives Hales his first run too.

England 0-0 (0), Salt 0, Hales 0, Hasnain 0-0 (0)

15:31 , Michael Jones

England are batting first with Phil Salt and Alex Hales opening up for the tourists. It’s a packed house once again in Karachi as Salt lines-up against Mohammad Hasnain.

Here we go...

Surrey win County Championship title after hammering Yorkshire

15:23 , Michael Jones

Surrey wrapped up their second County Championship title in five years after beating Yorkshire by 10 wickets inside three days at the Oval.

The White Rose, starting the day 65 runs behind at 89 for two in their second innings – following-on after being dismissed for 179 in reply to Surrey’s first-innings 333 – were bowled out again for 208 with Dan Worrall taking four for 61.

That left Surrey needing just 55 for victory, knowing that second-placed Hampshire had already lost to Kent at Southampton, and their 22-point win took them 27 clear at the top of Division One – an unassailable lead with just one game left.

Surrey win County Championship title after hammering Yorkshire

Pakistan vs England

15:18 , Michael Jones

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England go with three spinners

15:11 , Michael Jones

England skipper Moeen Ali explained the decision to replace Richard Gleeson with spinner Liam Dawson for today’s game saying:

“The wicket is not as fresh looking as the other one. We have three spinners as well so batting first suits us. The first game we were good with the bat and he ball. But you always look for improvement and get better as the series goes on.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Pakistan vs England

15:08 , Michael Jones

This is how England line-up tonight:

England win the toss and bat first

15:04 , Michael Jones

Out in Karachi, Moeen Ali has won the toss again and decides to bat first this time. England have made one change to the team that won on Tuesday with spinner Liam Dawson replacing seamer Richard Gleeson.

Lord’s and The Oval to host next two World Test Championship finals

15:00 , Michael Jones

London will stage the next two World Test Championship finals as The Oval plays host next year while Lord’s has been revealed as the venue for the 2025 edition.

The International Cricket Council’s announcement means England are putting on the first three finals, with the Ageas Bowl the location for New Zealand’s win over India in the inaugural showpiece last year.

Hampshire was given the nod ahead of Lord’s, the initial choice, because of the Southampton ground’s proven ability to manage a fully bio-secure environment amid the Covid-19 situation at the time.

Lord’s and The Oval to host next two World Test Championship finals

England’s women to play Ashes Test against Australia at Trent Bridge

14:54 , Michael Jones

England captain Heather Knight has welcomed the shattering of one of cricket’s glass ceilings after the news that her side will play a five-day Ashes Test at Trent Bridge next summer.

The England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia have agreed to break the longstanding convention that has restricted the women’s Test matches to four-day affairs when they meet again in 2023.

Just six women’s Tests have taken place worldwide in the last five years, all finishing in draws after time ran out, but now the marquee event of the multi-format series will have three additional sessions to reach a more fitting conclusion. More importantly, it brings parity with a men’s Ashes programme that was jointly announced on Wednesday morning.

The women’s Test begins on 22 June, two days after the conclusion of the men’s Edgbaston opener against Australia, and represents a first in England.

England’s women to play Ashes Test against Australia at Trent Bridge

England suffer ODI series defeat to India after superb Harmanpreet Kaur century

14:48 , Michael Jones

Harmanpreet Kaur scored a superb century as England women’s cricket slid to a crushing one-day international series defeat against India at Canterbury.

Having lost by seven wickets in the opening game, the hosts needed to square the scoreline on Wednesday to make their long-awaited return to Lord’s this weekend – the first outing at the Home of Cricket for England’s women since the triumphant 2017 World Cup final – a series decider.

But the third Royal London ODI on Saturday – set to be head coach Lisa Keightley’s last match in charge – will be only a dead-rubber following India’s second triumph in four days.

England suffer ODI series defeat to India after superb Harmanpreet Kaur century

Cricket fans injured in crush as 30,000 queue for just 3,000 tickets ahead of India’s T20 warmup

14:42 , Michael Jones

Twenty people were injured in a stampede when thousands of people thronged counters selling tickets for an India vs Australia Twenty20 cricket match in southern India, police said on Thursday.

The crush of cricket enthusiasts occurred as the tickets sale started at three counters at the Gymkhana grounds in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state.

Nearly 30,000 people were waiting in long lines for only 3,000 tickets for Sunday’s match, and police were using batons to try and control the crowd.

Seven of the 20 injured people were hospitalised in serious condition, a police officer said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to reporters.

India is hosting Australia in a three-match T20 series in preparation for the T20 World Cup in Australia next month.

Cricket fans injured in crush as 30,000 queue for just 3,000 tickets

Andrew Strauss calls for cut to county cricket schedule in ECB review

14:36 , Michael Jones

Sir Andrew Strauss has called on county chiefs to vote through proposed reforms of the domestic structure which would reduce the amount of cricket played, stressing: “The status quo is not an option”.

The former Test captain has spent the last six months overseeing a high-performance review for the England and Wales Cricket Board, launched in the aftermath of last winter’s Ashes thrashing, and has presented 17 recommendations.

Fifteen of those fall under the remit of the ECB and already have the required backing, but two key proposals involving a wholesale reorganisation of the county calendar need the support of at least 12 of the 18 first-class counties to go ahead.

Strauss’s panel advocate a reduction from 14 Championship matches per team to 10, with a six-team top division sitting above two secondary conferences, which would play off for one annual promotion.

Andrew Strauss calls for cut to county cricket schedule in ECB review

Atherton talks high performance review

14:30 , Michael Jones

Former England captain and current Sky Sports Pundit Michael Atherton gave his thoughts on today’s high performance review and what it could mean for English cricket when he stopped by the Sky Sports studio earlier today.

Here he is airing his initial thoughts:

England arrive at the National Stadium

14:24 , Michael Jones

This is England’s first tour in Pakistan for 17 years and as such heavy security protocols are in place. The England squad are shadowing constantly by security and are unable to move freely around the city of Karachi for their own safety.

Many members of the squad have experienced such measures before as part of the PSL and are used it but it does mean the players spend the majority of their time in the hotel or at the stadium.

The players have just arrived at the National Stadium ahead of this evening’s game and will start their warm-ups shortly.

Hussey and Saker join England coaching staff

14:18 , Michael Jones

England Men’s white-ball Head Coach Matthew Mott has brought back former England bowling coach David Saker as well as former Australian international Michael Hussey to be part of his coaching staff for the T20 World Cup in Australia across October and November.

Saker, England Men’s bowling coach from 2010 to 2015 is also part of the team that has travelled to Pakistan for the seven-match tour.

Hussey, now a batting coach with IPL side Chennai Super Kings, will join the England set-up for the World Cup.

Alex Hales admits England exile ‘felt like forever’ after making winning return

14:12 , Michael Jones

Alex Hales admitted his return to England colours felt more like a debut than a comeback as his half-century helped secure victory on a historic occasion in Karachi.

Hales might have been waiting a long time to wear the Three Lions again, but his three-and-a-half year absence only scratches the surface of the 17 years since England last took the field on Pakistani soil.

But the 33-year-old’s removal could well have been permanent had it not been for a sequence of unconnected events. The first and most decisive was the retirement of former captain Eoin Morgan, who effectively blackballed Hales’ name citing a loss of trust following a failed recreational drugs test.

With the barrier removed, he needed a place to open up, with Jason Roy’s dramatic loss of form and Jonny Bairstow’s freak injury on the golf course obliging.

Alex Hales admits England exile ‘felt like forever’ after making winning return

Pakistan vs England

14:06 , Michael Jones

Today’s game kicks off at 3.30pm in Karachi once again. Will their be any changes to the teams?

Pakistan’s Shan Masood is potentially at risk of dropping out for a specialised middle order batter but the 32-year-old is in good form after impressing during the English summer.

For England, one of either David Willey or Sam Curran may get replaced in favour of a bowler more suitable to the conditions but both players are strong batters and strengthen the batting line-up with their inclusions. It is likely that England go unchanged for the match.

How to buy Ashes tickets for England vs Australia series next summer

14:00 , Michael Jones

The fixtures for the 2023 men’s and women’s Ashes were announced yesterday with details on how to get tickets.

England plays host next summer as they look to regain the historic urn, which Australia decisively won in both the men and women’s series last year.

The women’s Ashes will feature a five-day Test match, rather than the normal four-day version, for the first time at Trent Bridge, while Lord’s, the Kia Oval, Edgbaston, The Ageas Bowl, the Seat Unique Stadium and Cooper Associates County Ground are the other grounds hosting matches in the multi-format series.

There is a ballot for both the men and women’s series which is now open and supporters need to go to to enter.

How Harry Brook is using PSL experience to help England in Pakistan

13:56 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook may be a rookie in England colours but he has revealed how a stint in the Pakistan Super League helped prepare him for a starring role in this month’s Twenty20 tour.

Brook played a superb finisher’s knock in the first of seven T20s against Pakistan on Tuesday, hitting a cool 42 not out off 25 balls to guide his side to a six-wicket win.

It was the first time an England side had played in the country since 2005 but Brook, who was making just his fifth appearance, is one of several squad members who made their own foray as part of the PSL.

The 23-year-old represented Lahore Qalandars earlier this year, settling into conditions over the course of 10 games and banking a memorable 48-ball century against Islamabad United.

How Harry Brook is using PSL experience to help England in Pakistan

Will Pakistan target the England spinners?

13:51 , Michael Jones

Tuesday’s match was an indicator of both Pakistan and England’s weaknesses - as well as their strengths - with this series being billed as a warm-up to the T20 World Cup that starts in October.

For Pakistan, they stumbled during the middle overs of their batting innings after Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam had set a platform of 85 for the first wicket. When England introduced spin into the attack Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali - Rashid in particular - were able to slow the run-rate and take constant wickets to halt any momentum the hosts had built up.

This showed two things. This first is that the experience of Rashid and Moeen continues to be a huge feather in England’s cap and although Moeen was expensive in his two overs he managed to get the wicket of Rizwan at a crucial time. The second is Pakistan’s inability to make full use of the middle overs of an innings. Their opening partnership of Rizwan and Babar is very strong but once they lose wickets they struggle to regain impetus in the innings. Instead they try to milk ones and twos from the spinners and latch onto loose deliveries which is a tame approach so such a short format.

Expect Pakistan to be more aggressive against England’s spin duo tonight, depending on the situation of the game.

Moeen Ali deputising again

13:39 , Michael Jones

Moeen Ali led England to victory in the opening T20 of this seven-match series and will continue to take charge of the tourists as regular captain Jos Buttler recovers from a calf injury.

Buttler is expected to return to the team in the later part of the tour along with Chris Woakes and Mark Wood who are also easing their way back from injury.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Hales describes ‘special feeling’ after returning to England team

13:31 , Michael Jones

Alex Hales had to wait three years for a return to the international game after failing two recreational drugs tests in 2019 broke down his relationship with then England one-day captain Eoin Morgan.

Morgan said at the time that he had lost faith in Hales’ ability to contribute positively to the team off the pitch as well as on it. Following Morgan’s retirement and an overhaul of England’s leadership group - Jos Buttler is the new captain and Matthew Mott is the one-day head coach - Hales has been brought back into the squad.

He repaid their faith with a match-winning knock of 53 on Tuesday to earn England victory in the opening game of this seven-match T20 series and described how it felt to be back in the fold following the win.

"It was a very special feeling to be back on the park for England," Hales told Sky Sports after the match. "Three years felt like forever. To go out and score 50 on my return in a winning team is the stuff dreams are made of.

"It is a nice feeling. Guys said in the past it was never down to cricket, missing the three years, that was never in doubt. But there was always nerves and pressure coming back after three years. It felt like a debut again, so it was a very special night.

"It just feels like a dream come true to contribute with a half-century in a winning team in a country where I have a lot of good, special memories."

Alex Hales steers England to win over Pakistan on return from international exile

13:25 , Michael Jones

Alex Hales celebrated the end of his international exile with a crucial half-century as England’s first match in Pakistan for almost 17 years ended with victory in the first T20.

The opener cracked 53 in 40 balls on his first England outing since March 2019, when he was jettisoned in the aftermath of a failed recreational drugs test, and marked the end of his spell in the wilderness by leading the way in a six-wicket success.

England had earlier done well to restrict the hosts to 158 for seven in front of a sell-out 35,000 crowd at Karachi’s National Stadium, with debutant Luke Wood claiming an impressive three for 24.

Hales, back in his old opening slot, took his team within 17 of the winning line and hit seven boundaries before chipping to mid-off with the end in sight. Harry Brook finished the job with a fluent 42 not out, including the winning four in the final over.

Alex Hales steers England to win over Pakistan on return from international exile

Pakistan vs England

12:33 , Michael Jones

Hello and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the second T20 between England and Pakistan.

The visitors were triumphant in the opening fixture of this seven-match series after restricting Babar Azam’s side to just 158-7 from their 20 overs in spite of a well worked 68 from opener Mohammad Rizwan. In reply Alex Hales notched up 53 on his return to the side and Harry Brook finished 42* to lead England to a six wicket win with four balls to spare.

Today’s fixture is once again being played in Karachi with the pitch expected to once again be slow and flat. That knowledge could see the team’s make changes to their line ups to better suit the conditions with Reece Topley, Liam Dawson and Olly Stone contenders to come in for England.

Elsewhere, the ECB has published its High Performance Review which aims to shake up the domestic and national schedule with the ultimate aim of creating the best possible England men’s team. The review - led by former England captain and ex-ECB directer Andrew Strauss - recommended a number of changes (some controversial) in the name of improving performances in England and Wales.

We’ll explore more of what that all means during the build-up to the start of play in Karachi with the second T20 between Pakistan and England due to kick off at 3.30pm BST.