Paloma Faith deletes all her dating app profiles

Paloma Faith has deleted all her dating app profiles.

The ‘Upside Down’ singer, 42, married French artist Leyman Lahcine, 36, in 2017 and they had two daughters together before they split in 2022 after nine years together, and she has now told how she took herself off the sites as she was sick of men using them to simply look for sex.

She said on the ‘Dirty Mother Pukka’ podcast: “I have been on (all the dating sites) and deleted them as I feel so disheartened.

“I feel a lot of people on there aren’t looking for relationships.

“They are just looking for an easy way to completely ruin the sex industry and get it for free.”

Paloma added she also runs into trouble trying to date with a famous face, adding: “I think everyone I like is going to want to meet me and it isn’t always for the right reason. The other thing I’ve found is being ghosted.

“I’m like, ‘We already know I’m just way out of your league and you’re ghosting me! What’s going on?’”

Paloma admitted earlier this year having children with Leyman was the reason they split as she struggled to give him the same attention as when she wasn’t a mother.

The singer – who had their first daughter in December 2016, followed by their second in February 2021 – told The Independent: “You either grow together, adapting to one another like expandable foam and filling the gaps where it’s empty – or one person grows and the other stays the same.

“And I think for me, becoming a mother was such a massively life-changing experience that for the first time in my life, I needed more than nothing – and the expandable foam just wasn’t there.

“Our relationship ended because we have those children. And I think that was worth it.”